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Predictive Workforce Planning
& Retention Platform

Predictive Workforce Planning
& Retention Platform

IHF Global Award Winner

Are You Challenged By Staff Shortages?

PMme (People Matter to me) is a cloud-based platform that helps customers determine decisions, actions, and solutions to improve staff retention and to address capacity shortages. Our solution transforms your data into actionable intelligence; predictive analytics and augmented decision-based algorithms help managers with specific workforce management solutions for today and the future.


The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in employee shortages due to multiple factors. Employee sickness, burnout and absenteeism, changing employee work-life priorities, border restrictions and the ‘Great Resignation/ Great Retirement’ have impacted organizations in various ways:


  1. Real-time, granular analytics – Data visualisation at site / facility / workforce segment level.
  2. Driver analysis feature – empowers managers with options to address root causes, rather than short-term recruitment fixes which are costly.
  3. Data-driven analytics – More cost-effective and internally enabling than hiring consultants.
  4. Augmented decision-making – Decision-support recommendations for improving staff engagement, experience, & retention strategies.
  5. Improved ROI/ costs-savings – from monitoring actions and investments in more accurate actions.

White Paper on 8 Steps to Manage Workforce Shortages, Retention and ROI using Data

how it works

The PMme uses your existing data and transforms it into actionable workforce decisions, solutions and ROI generation. This is a breakthrough step beyond typical data analytics solutions that often stop at pure data visualisation and insights.

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People Matter to me