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How To Align Purpose and Meaning With Your Career And Skills

Individuals that connect with their meaning and purpose are more satisfied with their jobs and deliver a better experience. Doctor Avi has developed a guide on how to connect with your personal sense of meaning and purpose by using the Ikigai Toolkit.

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White Paper on 8 Steps to Manage Workforce Shortages, Retention and ROI using Data

There seems to be a recurring pattern in almost every conversation with a C-suite executives & managers; almost all complain of one thing – “not enough staff” or workforce shortages.This White Paper will provide you deeper insights as well as key solutions and strategies to support you with addressing staff shortages, improving your workforce retention and ensure more sustainable workforce planning. Perfect for C-suite executives, People & Culture or HR leaders and managers, as well as department and team leaders or people managers.

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Future Solutions in Customer Experience & Retention for Private Health Insurance White Paper

The ‘Future Solutions in Customer Experience & Retention for Private Health Insurance White Paper’ is a research paper developed to help Australian health insurers deliver greater customer experience and customer retention. This White Paper is aimed for CEO’s, General Managers, marketers, sales and customer service leaders as well as analysts, policymakers and researchers in the industry. It is a ‘how to’ guide for getting closer to the consumer from a more complete, holistic perspective in order to drive strategic and tactical decisions.

Insights in this Paper were compiled from analysis of in-depth interviews and presentations from representatives of 10 Australian Private Health Insurance companies. Australia now has a relatively mature Private Health Insurance industry with over 11 million members and over $21bn in annual revenue in 2015. However, industry growth occurs in an evolving Australian market, which is increasingly complex. Consumers have to choose between over 17,000 different policies currently available for sale and over 25,000 policies currently in the market.

Following the analysis of interviews with industry experts, themes of solutions were consolidated. The companies involved were  Medibank, BUPA, NIB, Australian Unity, Westfund Health, CBHS, Teachers Health Fund, Peoplecare Health Insurance, RT Health Fund, and Phoenix Health Fund.

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As featured in:

Patient Experience Improvement White Paper

Many health and care services are seeking to advance person-centred care and improve their patient experience (PX) but are challenged with resource constraints, time pressures and workforce issues. Some providers are measuring patient, family and client experiences and drowning in data, yet starving of wisdom.

In parallel, patients, families and carers are increasingly valuing empathetic care and a seamless, integrated journey across health and social care ecosystems. This is increasingly the case for consumers across hospitals and healthcare in the home, as well as aged, disability and childcare services as well.
This newly released White Paper reveals how you can develop strategy and action plans using data and the Patient Experience Maturity Model to advance person-centred care.

In this document you will:

  • Learn how person-centred care and the patient experience is an indicator of performance and a measure of excellence.
  • Understand how patients experience their care alongside the governance workflow of health and care services.
  • Discover how to diagnose the stage of your current patient experience maturity to develop strategies, action plans and solutions for improvement.

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Future Solutions in Australian Healthcare White Paper

The ‘Future Solutions in Australian Healthcare White Paper’ was developed in collaboration with 21 key healthcare thought leaders to help solve Australia’s major health challenges and guide the future of the healthcare system leading up to 2020. Collectively, these healthcare thought leaders hold roles that influence over $30 billion of healthcare industry annual turnover.

Distinguished interviewees who revealed their visionary ideas and strategies include Prof Ian Frazer (Australian of the Year, Translational Research Institute), Prof Stephen Leeder AO (Western Sydney Health District, Medical Journal of Australia), George Savvides (Medibank), Alison Verhoeven (Australian Hospitals and Healthcare Association), Dr Martin Cross (Medicines Australia) and Michelle Bridges (Celebrity Personal Trainer, Wellness Expert).

This White Paper offers a ‘big picture’ perspective on future trends and is a resource for organisational strategy or government policy with provocative ideas for sustainable healthcare. These ideas and strategies can be utilised by any healthcare leader, organisation or government body in Australia.

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“Your Future Solutions Whitepaper is upfront and honest about the issues confronting the Australian health sector and rich on ideas on how to address them. The framework for addressing the 6 challenges and transforming the current ‘Vicious Cycle’ into a ‘Virtuous Cycle’ is thought provoking and helps crystallise my thinking on where I can best advise New Zealand health technology companies on where and how they can assist Australia create a world-leading health and wellness system. In particular, coordination and integration of health services centred on the patient’s well-being. This is well researched and an excellent and resource”.
Lindsay Douglas
Business Development Manager, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
All in all a very comprehensive synopsis of what I understand are the main challenges facing Australian health care at this present time. It is clearly articulated and your diagrams assist with clarity of these challenges and possible solutions and as such this document should be required undergraduate reading for all Australian health students!”
Peter Frendin
General Manager NSW/ACT, National Lead – Hospital/DPS Accreditation Program

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