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The Healthy IT Organisation Webinar

How to Align your People and Execute Strategies in Economic Uncertainty

 July 20, 2023, 1:00 PM AEST & Aug 2, 2023, 11:00 AM AEST

Duration 1hr | Cost: FREE

Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan, Founder & CEO, Energesse

Are you a Technology leader stressed by restructures and the shortage of resources?
Are your teams experiencing burnout in face of overwhelming priorities?
Is key talent leaving and are you lacking the skills and diversity to create balanced and sustainable teams & outputs?
I realise you’re super busy, but we both know these challenges could blow up in your face at any time.

I’m Dr Avi, and I’m here to help your IT & digital organisation become ‘healthy’ & productive again. After researching over 200 CEOs, Founders, CFOs & HR Directors and other C- level executives, I’ve found many are confused about the optimal way to navigate and thrive in today’s challenging economy. There’s intense competition for engineers and organisation’s are blowing exorbitant funds on recruiters and buoyant salaries to hire critical roles. Many ambitious leaders are continuing to seek growth into new product lines, new markets but maintaining motivation and productivity of remote workers is complicated.

Key Learning Outcomes

Given these complexities, we’ve pulled together an exciting webinar to guide you with the essential 8 Step Method for Strategic People Management, specifically designed for IT & Digital leaders like yourself. In this wisdom-packed session, you will explore key strategies that will guide you through:

  • The impact of economic challenges on the tech workforce
  • Crafting the ‘People Deal’ to rethink your investments & solve challenges in product & people development, recruitment and transformation
  • Practical approaches to enhance engagement and motivation for remote, hybrid and office-based teams
  • Forging purpose and resilience to help your team connect and bond stronger than ever.
  • Tailoring your Employee Value Proposition to maximise diversity and attract demographics such as female engineers
  • Case studies from leading organizations that have successfully navigated economic downturns

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain actionable insights, learn from industry experts, and interact with peers facing similar challenges. Unlock the strategies you need to solve the problems in today’s IT & digital workplaces and future-proof your teams.

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About the presenter

Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan

Founder & CEO, Energesse and Author

Dr. Avi is a global, award-winning thought leader and the author of ‘People Strategy & Workforce Optimization’. Dr Avi has decades of experience leading, consulting and mentoring senior leaders, management teams and Boards. He has worked with over 150 organizations globally spanning diverse industries from IT to healthcare; and from small-to-medium enterprises to global, multinational corporations with billions in revenue. Drawing on his scientific origins as a medical doctor to Chief of Staff at Pfizer, he provides invaluable insights on future workforce trends to enable breakthrough competitive advantage, financial growth & health for leaders and their teams.

As a keynote speaker, Dr Avi has spoken on world stages such as the World Congress of Prevention & Wellness and World Mental Health Day, alongside notaries such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, government leaders and top corporate CEOs. His opinions are widely sought after, with research papers presented to Prime Minister’s advisors and media appearances on ABC, Sky News and other international outlets. 

Dr Avi’s breakthrough techniques in data-driven decision-making helps leaders achieve their management objectives as well as live their purpose. He leverages these techniques to help organisations transform customer success and employee experiences in ‘the new normal’.

As the Founder and CEO of Energesse, he is a visionary software entrepreneur leading an international startup with tools that improve HR planning, marketing and disaster management. He has partnered with tech leaders such as Microsoft and Apple, and has helped multiple customer organizations win awards, including the global award ‘Beyond the Call of Duty in COVID-19’ from the International Hospital Federation (IHF) during the pandemic.

Self-actualising his multiple talents as a polymath and a side-hustle as a sober DJ, he successfully balances work-life priorities with a mission & purpose to uplift 1 billion lives.

Here’s what past attendees have said

“Thanks I really liked the step five solution matrix with business impact and ease of implementation!”

Kerry H.

“Thanks Steve and Avi. I look forward to reading your new book.”

Leanne R.

“Thank you for the information, models and ideas.”

Brian M.

“Thank you for such great insight.”

Helen A.

“Thanks Avi and Steve – great insights and tips.”

Alex S.

“Very informative strategic ideas 💡 for future growth and practical tips 👏 “

Kulvinder S.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and ask questions during the Q&A session!

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