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Workshops & Skills Development

Energesse combines our in-house solutions and partner services to deliver workshops and training programs to upskill our customers. Our programs provide step-by-step guides on how to improve patient experience and consumer engagement, adaptable for any health and care setting. These programs are presented by thought-leaders and experts on practical methods for improving patient experience and consumer engagement. These workshop and program options provide you with tools and techniques that you can use immediately in your organization or practice which complement our PXme solution. The location and duration can be adapted to suit your needs and can be delivered online or in person.

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What is the 6e Methodology?

“A step-by-step guide to improving patient experience”

Leaders of patient-centred care are still challenged with having a clear process for improving patient experience in their hospitals, wards, clinics and practices. Research on Don Berwick’s “Triple Aims of healthcare” include improving patient experience as a top priority for health systems.

Healthcare providers that are not fully qualified in understanding how to measure patient experience appropriately or action changes to make improvements can result in a disappointing experience for consumers, higher numbers of complaints, safety and quality errors as well as medical litigation. This can result in staff dissatisfaction, unnecessary costs as well as frustration, stress and anxiety for consumers, clinicians and managers.

Training Modules

Experience:  Capture, Measure & Understand Experience
Emotions:  Analyse human factors, stories & expectations
Engagement: Engage front-line, leadership and governance
Execution: Strategy and Solution implementation – service recovery, quality improvements and policies
Excellence: Accountability & Key Performance Indicators
Evolution:  Scale maturity, Capability & Sustainability

Why is it Vital to Attend This Training?

  1. Discover tools and techniques that you can use immediately to measure and improve patient experience
  2. Scenarios presented will reflect real-world examples of daily interactions within the healthcare setting
  3. Learn what works and what doesn’t in different scenarios
  4. Peer group discussion and ongoing digital interaction that engages participants in long-term and reinforces learnings
  5. Pre- and post-training assessment surveys that help evaluate internal behaviour changes capability development and continuity of results.

Our training program has contributed to some of our clients’ processes for Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation as well as Planetree Gold accreditation.

Customized Modes of Delivery

Each workshop and program is customised to the individual needs, requirements and specific learning outcomes of an organisation.
Programs can be delivered in the following manner:

  • Keynote session
  • Break-out Workshops
  • Half-day, Full day or 2-Day Workshops
  • Long term programs in combination with app-based information in our PXme solution

Who Should Attend

  • Patient Experience Managers
  • Clinical Governance Directors and Managers
  • Patient Experience Leaders
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Nursing Officers, Directors and Managers
  • Physicians
  • Chief Experience Officers
  • Nurses and Front-Line Staff
  • Quality and Safety Directors and Managers
  • Consumer Representatives
  • Healthcare Executives
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Caregivers
  • Provider Institutions
  • Professional Societies
  • Quality Customer Service Professionals
  • Third Party Payors

Our Customers

Patient Experience is critical to service improvement and staff satisfaction. It gave us as a team a great insight to start making a culture in our department and working as a team to deliver projects that focuses on what matters to our patients.
Kate Morris
Occupational Therapist – Medicolegal Assessor & Paediatric OT/Case Manager / Attendee at 6e Patient Experience Workshop / Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
Excellent workshop for those interested in improving practice.
Candice Brady
Speech Pathologist Attendee at 6e Patient Experience Workshop Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
Totally relevant to work in health and large teams. Should be mandatory
Helene Chen
BIS Attendee at 6e Patient Experience Workshop Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
Great combination of talks & practical activities that made the event enjoyable without going over time. Rating of 9/10.
Sally Henderson
Project Officer, Clinical Governance, Western Sydney LHD
Excellent content & format. Immediately applicable. I asked for solutions. A nagging problem and I got one. Rating of 10/10.
William Jang
Manager at IMS Health