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Energesse Academy programs

Energesse delivers several world class, pioneering programs for leaders, managers and teams. These include the Strategic People Leadership and Strategic People Management programs, which are based on the 8 Step Methodology, published in the book “People Strategy & Workforce Optimization”.

Our programs focus on delivering hard results through strategically addressing shifting economic climates,  growth objectives, technological advancement, mental health and wellbeing as well as demographic changes and diversity.

Endorsed by global thought leaders, leading business leaders as well as HR experts.

Endorsed and utilised by leading industry peak bodies (e.g. CPA, IIA, AUSMEAT).

Accessible and affordable programs dynamically customised for individuals, SMEs, large organisations and government agencies.


A framework for winning People Strategies in challenging times

In order to address the multifactorial nature of workforce opportunities & challenges, these 8 steps systematically address strategic HR planning and execution. From having researched, observed and worked with thousands of senior executives, HR leaders, managers and front-liners across multiple industries, we believe this is the fastest, cost-effective approach to improve people outcomes and support long-term organizational growth, efficiencies as well as margin improvements (cost savings). 

The 8 Step methodology can also be applied as a ‘deep dive’ program to address specific workforce issues, such as workforce shortages, restructures, productivity optimisation or developing performance management capability. 

This methodology developed and delivered by the Energesse Academy, also incorporates contemporary practices in data science and people analytics, as well as how to integrate data-driven decisions with the growing adoption of HR Information (Human Capital Management) Systems. It is proven with successful outcomes and case studies across organisations of diverse sizes and industries.

This is important in providing a competitive advantage for growth as well as remaining competitive for talent attraction.


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Learning Outcomes & Benefits

1. Empower Strategic Leaders and Employees

 Enable leaders, boards and HR teams to make holistically informed and effective decisions to achieve win-win breakthroughs on people and growth.

2. Address Workforce Challenges & Opportunities

By understanding the strategic HR processes, you’ll be better equipped to proactively tackle talent recruitment, retention and competition. Appreciate the value of compelling Employee Value Propositions and comprehensive Workforce Plans.

3. Future-Proof Yourself & Your Teams

Gain the insights and digital capabilities to build a resilient and successful transformation prepared for future challenges.

4. Improve Productivity & Financial Outcomes

Achieve hard, quantifiable optimisation benefits from people investments, labor costs & strategic alignment with up to 90% improvement in process efficiencies.

How to Experience our Programs

Our programs can be experienced by individuals, groups and organisations in a variety of modes and modules, customised to your specific needs.


Virtual Live

Interactive workshops & Masterclasses available from any location.



Immersive in-house workshops & masterclasses delivered face to face.


On Demand

Services delivered to your leaders & people anytime and anywhere. Ask us about Coaching & Mentoring, Keynote Speaking, Consulting and Microlearning modules.

Case Studies & Client Success

Our clients have achieved outstanding results from our programs & implementations.

What people say about the program

"Provides structured techniques so HR can be practiced with the same discipline as Finance."
Steve Rowe
GM, People,Culture, Safety & Sustainability
“Dr Avi is an intuitive thought leader who leads people to be more positive and have more energy to be whatever they aspire to be. He has helped me greatly with my personal and business challenges and has a real gift.”
Paul Howarth
CEO PanSensic
“Avi is truly inspirational, not only challenging the audience to understand their inner self, but how to use this inner strength/energy to be a great innovator, communicator and leader.”
Karen Westbrook
Knowledge Management Advisor at Suncorp
“This sounds cheesy but I would go as far in saying that Avi’s presentations are much like a decent movie – in that they get better each time you watch them, you pick more and more up each time you see it.”
Chris Watt
Management & Integration Lead at Serco Australia – Fiona Stanley Hospital Management & Integration Lead at Serco Australia
"In front of over 100 people, Dr Avi wove his magic and engaged everyone with his ‘authenticity’ and passion for life.”
Allan Ryan
Executive Director of Hargraves Institute
“The workshop was a really great opportunity to put together everything that Dr Avi went through today, and applied some of those principles. Dr Avi facilitated really well and it was a great opportunity to network with alot of like-minded people.″
Jeremy Van Den Akker
Director Clinical Governance, Wide Bay HHS
“The presentation you gave was received very highly. On average you scored a 9 out of 10.″
Annalise Reid
Senior Conference Manager – Informa Australia
“Thanks to this program I gained clear insights about what I want and I have set goals that align with my purpose.″
Jacqui Jones
“I've actually been discussing this program with a lot of my colleagues and how it has helped me to grow and balance me out. I've also had staff comment that they have seen a change in me. I would recommend this program to graduate Nurses as it is such a big change moving into the nursing workforce!″
Shaneen Verrall
“I would like to see it run as a program in the health districts! I have learned a lot and I have enjoyed Dr Avi's guidance and the support of the nursing community. I will be reflecting on my practice more often to gain insight into my behavior and responses at work."
Patricia Lenan

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