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At Energesse, our focus is on achieving exponential impact, experiences, and ROI by partnering with you. These 8 pillars shape who we are and what we’re about…. 

#1 Our Expertise is Valued and Accessible

With 10 years in across technology innovations, business management as well as health & wellbeing, we were founded to help leaders and managers in organizations to energize employee, customer, and financial experiences. Ever since the pandemic, now everybody gets it! 

#2  Our Pioneering Spirit 

Our strategic advice, decision tools, and augmented intelligence (AI) empower leaders to better serve customers, employees, and communities. We are often the first to create a product, service, or program with a difference that matters. 

#3 Our Impact Grows Daily 

We have helped leaders and managers transform workforce outcomes, resilience, customer centricity, and profitability in Australia, US, UK, and Asia, impacting 6 million lives since 2012. We are super-committed to our mission; constantly adapting to a world of fast, exponential change, and leaving a lasting legacy on people’s lives. 

#4 An Exponential Learning Experience

Our unique approach means that our employees and teams learn exponentially, whether you’ve had 30 years industry experience, everyone learns innovative, new techniques at Energesse. Even our interns have developed to become C-suite leaders elsewhere (and future customers)! 

#5 Our People-First focus is long-term Profit-Aligned 

Whilst we always aim to be profitable, we don’t put profit first. We put people first and impact, as we aim to build an enduring company that is profitable long term to help generations. 

#6 We have a Connected Culture that Cares

Our culture is unique because even though we are a remote-first working environment, people can still feel connected with the founders, leaders, mission, and people – because we care.

#7 Our Competitive Edge is Your Competitive Advantage

We help customers think strategically and solve the bigger challenge, raising performance to new heights with solutions that leaders didn’t always know they wanted, but they truly needed and leveraged.

#8 Our Purpose is Energizing Everyone’s Purpose

We are making a global impact with all our solutions, as the ripple effect of our purposeful work transforms the hearts and minds of leaders and managers and sets new standards of management. 

Full job description

The Product Lead/ Tech Co-Founder is responsible for leading the product planning and execution throughout the Product Life Cycle of our flagship HR product PMme. As an early stage product, this includes gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with customers, development teams and support to ensure revenue and customer goals are met. The role also includes ensuring that the product supports the company’s overall strategy and goals and also includes responsibilities in B2B pre-sales and product-led marketing support.

There is an opportunity to join in equity participation with the founding team as an additional tech co-founder, following a successful probationary period.

Preferred Experience and Knowledge

  • 3+ years experience in HR IT and/or HR-related and Finance information systems
  • 5+ years experience in product management, ideally with a commercial focus i.e. competent in supporting B2B SaaS or enterprise sales & marketing


  • Be a primary co-lead with the CEO in the process of creating product user stories, process flows, and test cases. Ensure all relevant internal stakeholders and external partners have input
  • Engage with internal teams and external partners in order to gain firsthand insight into the business needs & opportunities to deliver innovative, industry-transforming product features.
  • Support CEO and product team in building and executing the hypothesis testing process
  • Ability to act as HR platform subject matter expert to Product Development, sales, marketing, and other functions
  • Build and monitor HR & executive customer acquisition, retention, and product performance dashboards
  • Understand customers’ needs by testing product features and messaging, gathering market and competitive intelligence as well as analyzing the industry landscape, competitor research
  • Manage day day-to-day Product Development and delivery activities using basecamp.
  • Ability to liaise with internal developers, external vendors and stakeholder management
  • Act as coordinator on Product Development, sales, marketing, and other functions
  • Support launch planning and orchestrate the execution of the commercial release of a product, including campaign strategy
  • Ability to succeed in a start-up environment
  • Assist with key projects, processes and performance reports, data, and analysis
  • Support the development of effective communication of business requirements, project, or campaign briefs to guide direct and cross-functional teams


  • 3 to 5 years of experience
  • Has already built at least 3 apps
  • Experience with commercializing new software platforms – build products that sell and scale
  • Proven experience in B2B enterprise / healthcare SaaS platform
  • Appear credible to customers with strong credentials
  • Able to deliver customer training programs
  • Can lead product development with outsource/in-house developers and expert in lean start-up, agile methodology
  • Excellent written, oral presentation and electronic communications skills;
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a confident professional manner in person and on the telephone.
  • Confident working with people in any setting.
  • Ability to think creatively and highly adaptable mindset for change
  • Ability to manage other team members
  • Excellent attention to detail and strong analytical skills.

To be successful, you must be:

Passionate on implementing innovation and positive change; flexible and energetic (comfortable with growth and ambiguity); collaborative (willing to give and receive feedback); nurturing and empathetic with people; results oriented; love continuous learning, looking for purpose, meaning and loving your work.
The ideal candidate must be comfortable working in a dynamic setting with multiple competing priorities. As a start up based in Australia and the US, the candidate should be comfortable engaging in professional communication with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures while having fun.


This is potentially a 3-day/week role to start with, progressing to a full-time position subject to hitting milestones. The remuneration package is subject to negotiation and suitability of the candidate with requirements. Contact us for more information or email your CV (max. 4 pages) and Cover Letter (max 1 page) to