A Tapping sequence to help with addictions such as smoking

There are many types of addictions, such as for junk food, alcohol or smoking. In Australia alone which has a population of 22 million people, obesity, alcohol and smoking related problems cost the government over $67 billion dollars.

The impact on the individual however, is far greater. When I worked at Pfizer in Australia, I helped get a smoking cessation drug called Champix registered in the country. It did work for many people, but in some instances it also had significant side-effects, as do all medications.

That’s why I’d like to help you as much as I can if you have an addiction, by offering you an additional option.

This tapping sequence is designed to help with reducing cravings for cigarettes and may help with quitting smoking altogether if repeated regularly. It also costs you nothing, can be done anywhere and may be used in combination with other therapies.

Do this every time you have a craving for cigarettes. Start with a few deep breaths. Think about your craving or addiction.

1.       First, tap the fleshy part of either hand, beneath your pinky finger (karate chop point). This helps unlock your old patterns to start with. For each point, tap at least seven times.

2.       Using the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger start by tapping on your forehead, an inch above and between eyebrows. While you are tapping, repeat to yourself out loud or in your mind, “Although I feel the urge to smoke, I choose to love and accept myself”

3.       Next, tap on the outside corners of each eye with both hands. Keep repeating the words, “Even though I am feeling this desire to have a cigarette, I deeply love and accept myself.”

4.       Tap just under the eyes

5.       Then tap just under the nose, repeating the above.

6.       Tap just under your lower lip, repeat, “Even though I am desperate for a cigarette, I choose to love and accept myself.”

7.       Tap one inch below your collarbone corners, just below your neck

8.       Next, tap under your arms, about four inches below your armpits and repeat, “I am free of cigarettes.”

9.       Finally, tap the karate chop point again.

You may repeat the seven-step cycle with affirmations such as “I choose to be free of smoking; I choose to take a walk instead; I choose to have a glass of water instead; I choose to have a piece of fruit instead; it’s safe to be without cigarettes; I have quit smoking; even though I have adopted the bad habit of smoking, I deeply love and accept myself.”

When you have finished, take 3 deep breaths again.  Repeat this cycle 4 times. Perform this sequence 4 times a day.

(Note that if there are more serious underlying emotional issues attached to your smoking, this rountine may not be effective for long term quitting. Certainly to consult your healthcare professional to help you quit as soon as possible. Tapping can always be used as a safe, non-chemical combination with other therapies.

Have you tried any other methods to quit smoking? What was your experience like?

How to use the Tapping technique for Stress Relief

Throughout my tough times in 2012, when I experienced a significant degree of stress, I would confer from time to time with my friend Allison. During the months that my career and health were in decline, Allison clarified that on occasions when adversity seemed prolonged, it was due to the blockages in the body’s ‘energy’.

Having spent over 15 years training, practising and researching at the highest levels of Western medicine, I had never heard ANYTHING about a body’s energy system.

As you can imagine, I was quite sceptical about the existence of a body’s energy system. In fact, I have been a total sceptic of any form of alternative medicine—whether it is naturopathy, homeopathy, natural herbs, holistic medicine, “spiritual healing”, or anything else I had not encountered in medical training.

However, Allison did not represent my typical idea of alternative medicine. I trusted her completely and was curious to learn more about her theory.

Allison explained how disruptions in the energy system can lead to emotional imbalances, stress, and disease. She also said she could fix it, if I wanted her to, as she had done for many people in the past. She instructed me on a technique called “tapping”, which required me to tap on various points on my face and body whilst repeating positive affirmations.

Again, this seemed quite weird and something else that I had never heard about, so my scepticism remained. But the pain of my current situation was much stronger than my scepticism, and so once again, I placed my trust in Allison.

After about four sessions of tapping with Allison, I was a completely changed man. My outlook was brighter and I felt much more confident and happier. Even my body started to recover from my condition and I began live and feel healthier.

What was all this tapping stuff? And how can it transform an anxious, physically-ill person into a revitalized and energetic individual in just a few sessions?

I had to learn more and spent the next three months on a hunt for knowledge and more proof. I bought books and surfed the internet on human energy, energy medicine, Chinese medicine, healing, yoga, meditation, “new age” genres, religious healings, genetics, emotional basis of disease and much more. I dug up clinical research on Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Reiki, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, Healing Touch and other similar modalities.

I reached out and interviewed to as many experts, gurus, doctors, quantum physicists, healers, psychologists and thought leaders in the space and what their findings were. At the same time, I kept referring Allison to everyone I knew, and she was solving their individuals issues one by one, using the same tapping methods she used on me.

Eventually I had seen, heard, read and experienced enough to convince myself that tapping worked. And so, what I’ve done here is include a quick three-minute tapping sequence that you can try to help you reduce your stress at home or at work.

Find a quiet space, perhaps a private office or even the bathroom. Start with a few deep breaths.

  1. Using the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger start by tapping on your forehead, an inch above and between eyebrows. For each point, tap at least seven times. While you are tapping, repeat to yourself out loud or in your mind, “Even though I am stressed, I deeply love and accept myself.”
  2. Next, tap on the outside corners of each eye with both hands. Keep repeating the words, “Even though I am feeling this stress and anxiety, I deeply love and accept myself.”
  3. Then tap just under the nose, repeating the above.
  4. Tap just under your lower lip, repeat, “Even though I am too frustrated, I choose to love and accept myself.”
  5. Tap one inch below your collarbone corners, just below your neck.
  6. Next, tap under your arms, about four inches below your armpits and repeat, “I am free of stress.”
  7. Finally, tap the fleshy part of either hand, beneath your pinkie finger (karate chop point).

You may repeat the seven-step cycle a few times with affirmations such as “I choose to feel more calm; it’s safe to feel calm; even though I have learnt some unwanted behaviours by feeling stressed, I deeply love and accept myself.”

When you have finished, take 3 deep breaths again.  Now you are more relaxed!

(Note this sequence can help many people with a relieving stress, however, if there are more serious underlying issues such as long term depression, a chronic medical condition or deep seated emotional trauma it is less likely to produce effects – those issues should be handled in coordination with a healthcare professional).

Did this tapping routine help you in any way?

The Basics of Energy Medicine

Up until mid 2012, I was a sceptic of any form of alternative therapy. My background as a medical doctor made me think that if I had not learned it in medical school, then it can’t work to help people get better. My entire perspective changed, when a friend of mine help my symptoms of stress and burnout, simply by changing the energy of my body, through a method called tapping.

So what is tapping and how does it fit into this growing paradigm of energy medicine? Well, tapping refers to a process of using your fingers to tap on certain energy points of your body, the same ones used in acupuncture. This process helps shifts your energy can alleviate the symptoms of stress as well as other forms of illnesses. It is but one of the methods used in the broader context of energy medicine.

On a basic level, energy medicine is based on the underlying principle that our physical and mental states, and life as we know it, are based on flows of energy. In essence, disruptions in the subtle energy flow in humans can cause or contribute to illness and disease processes. Principles of energy medicine are grounded in thousands of years of history and acknowledged in over 97 cultures.

In Chinese medicine, bioenergy is referred to as ‘Qi’, in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, it is referred to as ‘Prana’.  Many different energy therapies such as acupuncture, kinesiology, Reiki, Qigong, are based on similar principles and increasingly substantiated and practiced by Western medical and scientific communities. In Australia, therapies like these are included in the context of alternative medicine and are even being taught as a subject in some medical schools.

In the Western world, energy medicine techniques have been referred to as bioenergy therapy, biofield therapy, contact healing, distant healing, therapeutic touch, emotional freedom technique or thought field therapy, tapping or quantum techniques.

Traditional religious faith is not a prerequiste for practising or receiving energy therapy (thereby different to ‘faith healing’). The science behind bioenergy is growing everyday, with many experts such as Deepak Chopra and Dr John Demartini speaking on these topics to packed audiences around the world.

Aside from the theory, the skill of healing the body’s energy system is very practitioner dependent and therefore it is important to understand the credentials or experience of the practitioner. The therapy can complement existing medical treatment in the treatment of certain illnesses, particularly those with mental and emotional components.

Energy-based techniques can also enable a lighter and more attuned mental state, which aids personal development, career aspirations and interpersonal relationships. These widespread benefits are one of the reasons for their popularity, and why they are sought after outside of the western medical system.

Energy medicine is an exciting space that is moving rapidly, and transforming lives for the better all over the world. The future is sure to see more integration with mainstream therapies and undoubtedly some significant breakthroughs in healing the mind, body and soul.

Have you ever experienced an energy medicine technique for yourself?

A movie that changed how I saw my body

You are probably aware that my personal journey into energy medicine and healing is relatively new, I made the discovery of the body’s energy system only in mid 2012. Yet, I gained amazing clarity toward my higher calling, and despite being a ‘high achiever’ personality all my life, I now have greater fulfilment in what I do.

Nonetheless, the transformation can be confusing, as you try to rationalise all these new insights, with what you thought to be ‘true’ in the past. From my perspective, it is OK to BELIEVE in something, but I also needed some FACTS to help justify my new BELIEFS. I needed to see the science!

Whilst trawling through all the scientific literature behind energy therapies, I came across many trials, research institutions, ‘gurus’ and books explaining the scientific basis behind energy medicine and healing. Methods such as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Thought Field Therapy, Reiki are becoming more mainstream, evolving into terms like ‘Energy Anatomy’ and ‘Energy Psychology’.

One form of energy therapy, which everyone has heard of, is Acupuncture, which now has a widespread body of evidence so clear that Western medical practitioners use it to treat lower back pain in Emergency Departments and General Practice – Hallelujah!

We could not imagine this to be the case 10 years ago, yet things have changed because Western science has caught up. A similar scenario is occurring with Energy Coaching and Healing, as the science in this area is growing rapidly, there is a lot to cover!

However, in my good fortune, whilst reviewing all these clinical papers, scientific journals and books, all of which go into quite a level of detail, I came across A MOVIE that explained EVERYTHING in one place! It is called the Living Matrix was probably the most rewarding discovery for me a number of reasons:

  1. It was a feature length movie, and I love movies (don’t we all)!
  2. It had interviewed the top scientists around the world in Biophysics, Cell Biology, Quantum Physics, Medicine, Energy Healers which presented the concept of bioenergy fields and healing in a holistic context.
  3. It was viewable on Vimeo for free (woohoo!), which is licensed through Creative Commons -, while the DVD can be purchased from the Living Matrix website.
  4. It has high production values – it has strong visuals and animations, well directed and edited. It must have had a decent budget.
  5. Whilst it is a little science-heavy, most people would be able to understand the gist of the research and there are some fascinating experiments, particularly around the role of the heart in our energy fields.

Needless to say, this movie was one of the key answers I was looking for –  it does point you in the direction of which centers are leading the research in this area around the world, and how far the science has come. It also shows you case studies for the healing effects of your body’s own subtle energy.

This is not suprising, when you look at the high rates of satisfaction from many practitioners of Pranic Healing, Reiki, etc and how quickly those practices have grown. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the future of medicine in the next decade lies in the understanding of the Energy System, which is why I created Energesse to help that process along.

Bioenergy therapy and Energy Medicine certainly has it skeptics, but my strong view is that this is changing thanks to the vast numbers of people around the world that have been gaining benefit over the years – and as is the case now, Western science is catching up.

These are exciting developments, transforming lives everywhere and it is our duty to be able to view such therapies with an open mind as well as to continue to ask the important questions about how we can build on this work, for the good of all.

I look forward to the future of scientific discoveries in this area and will continue to dissect the theories, practices and developments in future blogs.

Do you think there is enough awareness of our body’s energy system? I’d like to hear your opinion.