How to Lower Stress without Drugs – 5 Tips for Home and Work

A week ago, I hosted a webinar with one of our top Energesse practitioners, Elaine Bartlett on the topic of How to Lower Stress without Drugs . This is a topic that’s close to my heart for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it was through a stressful period of my life in 2012, when I was a CEO of two companies, that I encountered a few months of high stress levels. Having been a doctor and senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry for several years, I was naturally used to using medications to treat any symptoms I may be experiencing.

However, stress is one of those things where we don’t really have any good medications for. In fact, in my opinion, the best solutions for most people actually do not involve drugs at all, as I have found. There are great solutions which are actually quite natural and better address the underlying cause of the stress.

Stress is often by us behaving in conflict with our values and beliefs. You don’t often hear this as a medical diagnosis for your stress. You are more likely to have your ‘situation’ described e.g. ‘patient hates job and has argument with boss’, or ‘patient is married with three kids has had recent fight with husband’ or ‘ patient was in accident and now feeling stressed as unable to cope at home’.

The situational aspect of stress is actually the superficial part. The deeper cause is what really needs to be tackled.

So for example, in the situation where the patient i.e. you, hates your job, the underlying conflict in values may be where you feel you are being overworked but yet severely underpaid. In a prolonged period of that internal conflict, you are likely to become very stressed.

As you keep the pressure of the situation to yourself, and do not have a good coping mechanism to deal with stress, eventually the inevitable explosive situation erupts, the conflict within you materials into a conflict in your external world. And you MAY end up seeing your doctor for it.

And so, in order to prevent such situations, all you need is a bit of information around to how to manage stress naturally and this is why we held the Masterclass with Elaine. Elaine has proposed 5 ways in which you can lower your stress levels, which will cost you nothing! Also you don’t need to get on any medications either.

In this interactive webinar, Elaine generally proposes the following strategies which can you can apply immediately:

  1. Understanding the Lion and the Gazelle reactions
  2. The 10 Breaths technique
  3. Conscious Relaxation Technique
  4. Balance your Energy Body
  5. Mind your Mind

You can watch this highly valuable webinar with Elaine here:

So have you experienced a stressful episode at home or work recently?