Have you ever heard of ‘DreamStorming’ to lift your mindset???

Brainstorming is an age-old exercise in the business world where a number of people get together and postulate various ideas on how to solve a business problem. It starts off with an immediate flurry of ideas which are at a later stage refined, analysed and implemented if considered appropriate.

This week, I came up with an exercise called Dreamstorming. I must confess it was not an original idea as one of my coaches, Sheevaun had shared this with me and all I did was give it a fancy name! In fact, this fancy name has also been used in different ways in the art of creative writing, but I felt it would be a good name for this mood-uplifting exercise.

However, I wish to use this term “Dreamstorming” in the context of business mindset. More specifically, I want you to use it to lift your mindset when you are feeling down, in the blues, when sales are poor or if you are generally having a shitty day!

This last week was a shitty week for me. My dad was in the initial stages of recovering from cardiac surgery when he had a lung collapse which had me concerned. I was hit with a viral illness followed by a bacterial illness which knocked me for six.
I was also exploring a new personal relationship with someone and the long distance was making it unworkable, and hence we decided to “just be friends”. In the mean time, I was also running my first webinar to help Health Business grow their profits, and whilst the turnout was good, it was less than the 1000 people I had wished for or expected.

As such, my mood was lower than usual and I was not feeling as positive as I normally am. In fact, I was downright depressed.

However, this “Dreamstorming” exercise changed my mindset and perked me up pretty quickly. In particular, it perked up my mindset about my work and got me closer in my usual flow. I also felt happier about what I was doing and felt ok about having a shitty day.

What to know how to do it? Here you go!


This is a simple Positive Mind exercise, when you have experienced a failure or you are feeling down or dejected in your business. It will help reset your mind and energy into a positive force where anything is possible.


On separate pieces of paper or post it notes, write down 100 loud, ludicrous, crazy, statements of things that you want to happen in your business or your life right now. They can possibly even be unrealistic in your mind – though nothing is ever unrealistic.

Write them down in BIG, BOLD font. You can stick up these affirmations around your home or workplace, or throw them away after. The intention of them alone creates a powerful mindset shift (and they CAN ACTUALLY MATERIALISE).


1. I want Richard Branson to hire me for 1 million dollars to do ……
2. I want 100 new clients to appear tomorrow on my doorstep……
3. I want to be invited to dinner by the Prime Minister of Australia to be asked for advice on ……
4. I want to be in joy with my work, every day of my life
5. Someone just paid me $100,000 to do a job that I can easily complete in a week!
6. I am surrounded by people I LOVE working with
7. I have the perfect business partner to appear and help me grow my business to $10mil a year in revenue
8. And so on……

Just let the writing flow. Once you are done, read through the list and sit in silence for a moment. Soak it in. Observe how you feel. You will notice a positive shift in your mood and mindset afterward.

Did it work for you? What affirmations did you write down in your Dreamstorming exercise?