My Business Coaching Secrets – Exposed!!

For a very long time, I never knew what a business coach really did. Furthermore, I never even really saw myself as a business coach – ever!

So how have I now become one of the leading business coaches for the Healthcare and Wellness industry???

Well, let’s first take a look at what a business coach is – Business coaching is a type of personal development of your business skills, mindset and expertise. A good business coach or mentor provides positive and constructive support, feedback and advice to an individual or group basis (such as in a mastermind group like my Health Leaders Mastermind to improve their personal effectiveness in the business context and fast-track business growth.

Business coaching includes executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching, all of which can be incorporated in solid mentoring program.

What really interested me was that according to a MarketData Report in 2007, an estimated 40,000 people in the US, work as business or life coaches, and the $2.4 billion industry is growing at whopping rate of 18% per year.

Furthermore, according to the National Post in the US, business coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world! To me, that sounded like not only a great opportunity, but a very resounding message that the business world is waking up to having a credible sounding board for advice and that is can deliver substantial business benefits.

After having been a CEO of 3 companies and learning a lot about success and failure in business, I looked back at my diverse career and made a decision that was more aligned with my personal vision and mission, which is to help 1 million with their health & wellbeing by 2022 and 1 billion people by 2032.

That meant that I needed a model to build and grow not just one health & wellness company, but many of them. Business coaching for the Health and Wellness industry was the answer – this way I could support CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Executives develop their products and services to enable greater global wellbeing.

When the idea was presented to me by one of my own business mentors, James Schramko, who is one of the world leading internet marketers,it made complete sense.

You see, I have pretty much been the “wise old one” all my life, giving sound advice to family members, patients and then in business, even to the CEO of Pfizer in Australia, helping him grow the business strategically to over $1 bil a year in annual revenue. I’ve always had a great gift for solving problems quickly, particularly in the business setting and also predicting future trends.

So how do I do it?

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Well much like when I was a doctor, whenever I see a client, I have a 3 step approach:

  1. I make a Diagnosis (of where the individual and the business is currently at). I identify the goals and objectives and particularly get into the metrics of success this is often the financial bottom line.
  2. I prescribe some Treatments (or business solutions). For this process I use a Mind Map, which looks at key areas of the business.  You can check it out hereHealth Business Growth v1
  3. Follow up mentoring and management – This is the most critical piece as ongoing management is vital to sticking the proposed ‘treatments’, making sure the business solutions are implemented correctly. Sometimes I help the individual deal with mindset or physical issues that may be holding them back from achieving their best results in their business. Apart from strategic guidance and direction, I have found that the emotional support to help with the ups and downs of daily business challenges is also absolutely vital.

So that’s my first secret.

However, in my experience, when you want to grow a business and you have multiple business leaders with a common set of issues, a business mastermind group in one of the best ways to solve it.

And that’s why I created the Health Business Mastermind. The advantages of the Mastermind group are that not only do the leaders receive my mentoring it also gives access to a very select community of senior Health & Wellness business leaders.

Many of them also have the opportunity to collaborate and form Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships to benefit their business. It’s also a place where they can be safe and accountable to their actions, while remaining focussed on their goals.

Leadership can be lonely, and in a mastermind, you get that mental and emotional support that you need, no matter how senior you are. It’s been getting great results and is open to Healthcare and Wellness CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are also practitioners such as doctors, dentist, pharmacists, allied health professionals and even fitness and health coaches. You can read more about the application process here.

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What was the best business advice that you ever received in your career?