Did we just make your doctor collaborate with your trainer?

Wow, I’m bushed! Just last week, I facilitated the biggest exercise in modern medicine and alternative health and wellness since I created Energesse.

In early December, we brought together 22 of the top Health and Wellness Leaders from around the country, into one room. We did it because we were dissatisfied.

Let me elaborate. These were leaders from health food, personal fitness, doctors, alternative health practitioners, 12 CEO’s, some form research foundations, not-for-profits, socially conscious community leaders, entrepreneurs, meditation teachers, health media and PR personalities and so many more. The diversity from different sectors of health and wellbeing was incredible.

However, we were brought together by common goals and values. You see, we were all dissatisfied with the state of play in healthcare today. We all want to help people, and offer the best complement of mind, body, soul offerings, but the services was all segregated and so patients and clients were not getting the best solutions for their health.

I mean wouldn’t you like your doctor to work with your fitness trainer and your meditation teacher to work out what’s best for you?? Would you want them to be able to help you live your best life, in an organised fashion??

The problem for patients and clients was that they were many practitioners and providers out there, but it was hard to tell who was good at their work and who wasn’t. It was hard for a sick patient or unwell client to know what all their options were in conventional medicine and what was available outside of it to help them heal.

Amongst our own organisations, there was much duplication of work, even though many of us were trying to spread the same message – we were just not doing it efficiently.

There was one body in Australia that was championing Integrative Medicine and Holistic health called the Australian Integrative Medicine Association, but few people knew about it. And despite all our networks in the US and worldwide, we didn’t even know of a global body that championed this cause.

Bearing all that in mind, when I called for these CEO’s, founders and thought leaders to come together, they came, and they came in droves. We were overbooked and had to turn senior leaders away, promising that they will be involved in the second part of the collaboration.

It was a fulfilling exercise for everyone who attended. Most of them got a much better understanding of what the real issues are for the community, in trying to access all available healthcare options that exist.

In addition to that, these Health and Wellbeing leaders also connected with other leaders whom they could collaborate with pretty much straight away.

Regardless of the day, the ideas that emerged were very promising. From delivering offerings in groups, to more online services to communicating better with government as well as developing global networks of holistic practitioners to support each other and share leadings.

The future is looking bright. And that future integrates all of our healthcare and wellbeing services to give you the return to normality from your sickness, and the best solutions for your optimal wellness.

Did you have one great moment where your healthcare practitioners worked together to produce a great result for you?

What was the one time you ‘tuned in’ to your body and produced the right result?