3 Tips on Conscious Evolution from Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the leading figures worldwide in global consciousness. Even Deepak Chopra called her “the voice of conscious evolution of our time”. That’s no small feat.

I was fortunate enough to hear Barbara speak via live video link at the recent UPLIFT festival in Byron Bay. What I love about Barbara is her very enlightened perspective on how to see the world, and how to view the problems and crises that we currently face as great opportunities for positive change.

Apart from being a prolific author, visionary, social innovator and educator, Barbara is the co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is also the producer and narrator of the award winning documentary series entitled “Humanity Ascending: A New Way through together”.

Now you might be thinking – what is all this ‘conscious evolution’ business? Well, my interpretation of it is, is that humanity is now starting to think more broadly about how we live. We are starting to realise that we humans are intricately connected to nature, wildlife and everything else on the planet.

More so, we are actually all connected to each other, regardless of race, religion, colour, creed or country. Essentially we are all more alike than we are different, we are all one.

I have observed many things in science, medicine and even spiritually to make me inclined to embrace this philosophy. It also bears no conflict with any of my past thoughts on religion, science and humanity rather it integrates it more completely.

During the interview at UPLIFT, Barbara,who was interviewed in the documentary THRIVE, had three major insights on conscious living.

1.      Global consciousness is shifting

Barbara mentioned that during this time,global consciousness is shifting and we are all evolving as more thoughtful human beings. More and more people are ‘waking up’ to the idea that we are all connected in some way. If we were to damage the forests in the Indonesia, we see repercussions such as pollution all over Asia.

Likewise when there is a famine or war in a country like Somalia, we see economic and immigration problems all over the region. As more people come to the realisation of our connectedness, the more conscious we are about how we treat ourselves, others, and the planet as a whole.

2.      We need both positive and negative situations to evolve

We need both the positive and negative forces in our lives in order for evolution to happen. This has happened in every form of ecosystem and it is also happening to us. You see, as we age and grow, we are all constantly evolving – physically, mentally and for some, even spiritually.

And in order for us to evolve, we need forces, situations and challenges to occur to us, in order for us to develop new skills, knowledge, insights and awareness. When it comes to health, we become more conscious of what we eat, drink and the people we surround ourselves with.

3.      We all have a choice in how we learn and evolve our minds

That perspective puts an entirely different light on any disease, suffering, pain or hurt that we may be currently experiencing. It is also a perspective that begs us to look internally at what we can do for ourselves, before blaming everyone else in the world for what we do OR do not have.

In reality, we may not always have a choice as to the joys or tragedies that we experience, but we have absolute 100% ability to determine how we respond to those experiences. All too often, we play victim to our situation and this can go on for years.

Yet, time and time again, we see greatness in people who have seen death, suffered terminal diseases or disability and choose to live positively and a full life afterward.

Which of these 3 tips of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s do you most resonate with?