Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to be Me

At the recent UPLIFT festival in Byron Bay, I met some of the most world renowned speakers in health, consciousness and spirituality and one of the most friendly and congenial was Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to be Me.

Her book reached the New York Times bestseller list only two weeks after its release in March 2012. She experienced what most people have never thought was possible – she “crossed over” to the other side following a coma due to her end stage cancer.

You see, Anita was suffering from terminal lymphoma for four years and was wheeled hurriedly into hospital one day when she could no longer breathe. She had large cancer lumps all over her body and was given little chance of living by her doctors.

In the hospital she slipped into a coma and what they thought was her last hours. Miraculously, she returned to consciousness 48 hours later, not only feeling better but also had a ‘Near Death Experience’ (NDE), where she left her body and could perceive everything that was going on around her during her coma.

Her depiction was so detailed that doctors could not believe it. Little could they believe that her cancerous lumps disappeared completely after only 4 weeks. This was an outcome she ‘saw’ when on the other side, and from a place of higher consciousness.

In my interview with Anita, I was very interested in whether she thought modern medicine could be done differently to help people heal from cancer as well as other diseases.

Her response was very interesting. Anita was clear that her cancer was exacerbated by her sense of fear. She was constantly living in fear of the disease as she had known people close to her suffer from it. She had an extremely healthy lifestyle and watched her nutrition very carefully, but this did not seem to help.

Anita made it a point to say that emotional health plays a big part in how a disease progresses. I have certainly seen this in a number of latest studies on the relationship of stress with various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

She was also very adamant to point out that love is the counter point to fear. When we are in love, we do not feel fear and she also mentioned that in her experience of the afterlife, she felt unconditional love.

If there was anything she would advise people suffering from diseases, is to surround themselves with love and to love themselves, first and foremost. She also advised healthcare professionals to try and incorporate love and better emotional health strategies to help people recover from their illnesses.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’ll be sharing more on my interview with Anita and other speakers from UPLIFT in future. If you could ask Anita one question – what would it be?