What is the ‘Wellness World’ coming to? With Michelle Bridges from ‘The Biggest Loser’ Show

Over this last weekend I travelled to Melbourne for the Australian Health and Fitness expo which gave me some deeper insights into the world of fitness and wellness – and what an EXPO-SE it was!

It definitely was like anything I was expecting!

I initially thought I would be surrounded by gym equipment and companies. However, there was much more to it than that – so where do I begin?

Well, let’s start with my highlights- the main one being meeting Michelle Bridges, the celebrity personal trainer from the Australian version of the Biggest Loser and hearing her speak. Whilst she is an exceptionally motivating speaker, her message is also very simple and clear.

Michelle has clearly worked hard over the years to not only stay in shape, but also stayed dedicated to keeping her clients fit and healthy whilst growing a multi-million dollar career. Her story was so inspiring as she had moved from a small town to Sydney in a small car that had all her belongings in the back, aiming for a bigger future as a personal trainer.

She even started her career in fitness training at the age of 14, when she convinced the owners of a local tennis court that she should be providing fitness coaching to all their members.

Indeed, she has a determined mindset. A sense of self belief that seems to be the trait of all successful people. And with all successful people that I have met in this space, they all say the strength of our minds, comes well before the strength of our bodies.

Michelle’s message to her audience was simple. If you are wanting to get fit and healthy, firstly figure out what you really, really want in life. Her example was that many overweight people complain about the negatives, and focus on what they don’t want, such as the displeasing look from others, the health problems and the affect their weight has on social relationships. Many are “stuck in a rut” and their eating habits get worse but they subconsciously prefer to stay that way than change and get healthy.

Michelle’s solution for this is to then MAKE A PLAN for how to get what you really, really want. Figure out a way to get there, and if you don’t know, ask for help, either from personal networks or professionally.
And finally, her advice is to TAKE ACTION. Of course, this may seem rather simplistic but it where everyone falls down. She has the 3 C formula for success. And the 3 C’s are:

1. Consistency

2. Consistency

3. Consistency

I was so surprised, an in fact, quite startled at how obvious this piece of advice is. If you want to become successful at anything, you have to change your behaviour pattern so you adopt A PATTERN for success that is repeated over and over again.

This is a mantra she has adopted in her 12 week Body Transformation (weight loss) program which several people I know have tried and delivered remarkable results. For a nation that tallies first or second in the world for the obesity epidemic, programs such as these are a much needed non-medical solution.

Her pattern of success involved waking up at 5 am every morning and going for her run. Despite her longstanding fame and success, I could see that she was still in very good shape and very conscious of her diet. She also mentioned the trials and tribulations of working with clients to adopt such success behaviours, sometimes which drove her to tears more than her clients!

I am not surprised that Michelle is such a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry as well. Her messages are very similar to philosophies I teach wellness business owners when it comes to growing their businesses.

Having the mindset to persist across business challenges is paramount and success behaviours you need to have as an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space include working the hours necessary, ensuring you have a solid business plan and being consistent with calling potential clients and ensuring the quality of your service is CONSISTENT.

My one biggest takeaway was ensuring that I was more consistent with making calls to potential clients, and moving it to the first thing in the morning. For my business, I know that the more conversations I have, the more successful my healthcare business becomes, and the more health leaders I am able to help. That gives me a lot of fulfilment.

As for you, what success behaviours do you need to adopt to make yourself a success?