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Dr Avi- Speaker

As a CEO himself with over 25 years experience in healthcare and technology. Dr Avi has an extensive knowledge and track record of leading people and advising others on how to perform at the highest levels. With a career starting as a medical doctor, he has established himself as a high achiever who has advised leaders of innovative startups to CEO’s managing businesses with billions in annual revenue. His proven approach demonstrates his unique ability to tailor this wisdom and achieve results.

Dr Avi’s holistic approach in understanding human behavior and helping leaders to achieve business objectives as well as personal wellbeing ensure long-term performance.

His methods utilize a combination of science, digital tools and best practices worldwide to help leaders go beyond their mindset limitations. He also draws on his significant personal network of health leaders and management experts to help clients solve their biggest challenges.

Dr Avi’s advice is highly valued not only by management teams and leading organisations. His diverse background as a doctor, digital entrepreneur and award-winning creative professional in film and music, has afforded him a strong talent in engaging today’s audiences. He motivates and inspires your people to deliver exceptionally and improve emotional intelligence.

Dr Avi and Energesse are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing experience of 1 billion lives, through his work with leaders, managers, front-line staff seeking to improve their customer experience, leadership skills and person-centered care.

Dr Avi is an enlightening, inspiring and highly rated international keynote speaker who has been featured in the following media:

Hargraves Institute Conference 2016 
Presentation covering the customer experience innovation: The 6 “e” Framework.

Future Solutions for Australian Healthcare White Paper – Future of Medicare Conference Launch of the White Paper, “Future Solutions for Australian Healthcare” which is about innovative Ideas and strategies for sustainable healthcare

Previous Keynote Speaking Experience:


Dr Avi’s unique career began as a medical doctor in the UK and Australia, practising in both the public and private sectors. After a Masters in Business Administration (Honours), he ventured into biopharmaceuticals with responsibilities from researching ‘Viagra’, to acting as Chief of Staff and strategy advisor to the CEO of industry leader Pfizer Australia, a $1 billion business. In his entrepreneurial exploits, he created two technology companies that spanned the online, digital media and entertainment worlds acquiring partners such as Youtube, Adobe and Channel 11.

He subsequently returned to healthcare by founding Energesse, a specialist firm providing innovative technology solutions and consultancy services to the industry. He has since become a highly rated international keynote speaker featured at the World Congress of Prevention & Wellness, Future of Medicare Conference, Future of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Summit and the Health Insurance Summit.

Reasons to engage with Dr Avi

Dr Avi lays down practical steps in creative ways for people to achieve superior leadership, performance, meaningful purpose to evolve their experience. His advice is highly valued not only by management teams and leading organisations. His diverse background as a doctor, award-winning filmmaker and digital entrepreneur, has afforded him a strong talent in engaging today’s audiences in the workplace to help you motivate and inspire your people to deliver better care or improve customer service. Profits from Dr Avi’s organization Energesse, help fund research and charity care. Dr Avi and Energesse are on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing experience of 1 billion lives by 2040, through his work with leaders, managers, front-line staff and organisations seeking to improve their patient-centered care, person-centered innovation and a ‘customer focus’.

Speaking Topics

Dr Avi’s transformational speeches and lectures are diverse and his insights help leaders, organisations and health systems successfully navigate future opportunities. Please Contact Us about a customised educational presentation for your audience. Here are some examples that can be adapted for your needs:

Our Customers

Avi is truly inspirational not only challenging the audience to understand their inner self, but how to use this inner strength/energy to be a great innovator, communicator and leader. I recommend attending Avi’s presentations and will gladly go to any future talk.
Karen Westbrook
Knowledge Management Advisor at Suncorp
Avi’s presentation on patient experience to the renal annual conference was passionate, thought provoking and tailored to the needs of renal clinicians. Thank you Avi for sharing your expertise and knowledge on measuring patient experience.
Alice Gleeson
Manager, Victorian Renal Clinical Network, Safer Care Victoria
Dr Avi was the keynote presenter at the Hargraves Institute Annual Conference in Sydney in March 2013. In front of over 100 people, Dr Avi wove his magic and engaged everyone with his ‘authenticity’ and passion for life. Dr Avi added something special and different to our agenda, like adding spice to a recipe such that he lifted the other speaker’s performances in the minds of the audience. I enthusiastically recommend Dr Avi for this type of activity and great value.
Allan Ryan
Executive Director of Hargraves Institute
Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan spoke at CPA Australia’s Health and Aged Care conference in 2015, Dr Avi is a highly engaging and well researched presenter who demonstrates expert knowledge on the key challenges affecting Australia’s healthcare system. Dr Avi has a talent for breaking down complex and intricate health sector issues and identifying the potential solutions and how best to implement change for a better more efficient system of care. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Avi as a presenter at your next event.
Melinda Everett
Product Development Executive, CPA Australia
I was lucky enough to see Avi present twice in two days and took a great deal of value away both times. This sounds cheesy but I would go as far in saying that Avi’s presentations are much like a decent movie – in that they get better each time you watch them, you pick more and more up each time you see it.
Chris Watt
Management & Integration Lead at Serco Australia – Fiona Stanley Hospital