The PMme is a COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response management tool. Our digital solution helps users with customisable audit and decision-support features to identify gaps and matching evidence-based solutions to improve pandemic management. I t supports critical stakeholder & resource coordination, compliance monitoring as well as risk management to achieve population safety and cost efficiencies.

“Toward A Gold Standard Pandemic Safety Management System”

Global Award Winner
International Hospital Federation (IHF)
Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19 Program


The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact us over the next 1-2 years. As borders open and community movement increases, transmission risk increases. The elderly, aged care facilities and some health systems have high risk, vulnerable populations as well as gaps in care. 

Effective  pandemic management involves complex procedures, action plans and information flows that change frequently. Management and frontliners are increasingly time-poor and fatigued dealing with intense procedures are often reactive to the situation. 

Critical risks gaps incur more cost of life & economic disruption. Federal and State Governments, Hospitals and Health Systems, Primary Care organisations  and Aged Care Facilities have a window NOW to improve   preparedness and response management before future inevitable waves.


The PMme solution is customisable to each organisation’s pandemic scenario. This level of business intelligence frees up capacity to shift from costly reactive response to proactive preparedness for the pandemic and other disasters.


1. Review Pandemic response

Review your pandemic response activities; map gaps, risks and monitor progress of action plans


Save lives from evidence-based, best practices that improve outcomes

3. Protect Staff Health

Protect staff health and safety via latest recommendations

4. Credible, strategic information

Credible, strategic information your team needs to save valuable time, money and resources
The support is personalised to a health system/organisation/team’s COVID-19 pandemic scenario. Over time, this then helps you free up capacity to shift from reactive to proactive management of the pandemic.
The tool has been developed based on evidence-based practices including WHO, CDC, Australian health authority pillars for Pandemic Preparedness and Response.
The domains that the PMme helps you assess includes:


The PMme helps you manage the pandemic more strategically as a solid planning, monitoring and decision-support tool. It facilitates in balancing short-term and long term patient as well as staff safety issues. The tool also provides insight into critical blind spots in managing short term organisational challenges and long term organisational preparedness for a pandemic threat. Another plus point was that I found it easy to complete, which makes it a high-value tool that's user-friendly and worth the investment of time.
Danny O'Connor
Former Chief Executive (Hospitals, Health services and Health District)
From my perspective, the PMme Report is conservative but quite accurate at the point in time that it was conducted. With new information on the pandemic becoming available on almost a daily basis, I believe it is a tool that needs to be re-done periodically to re-assess what's been completed, who is responsible and whether certain aspects are still needed. We have been very pleased with the service provided by Energesse in relation to the PMme. The Tool was easy to access and complete and the Report is comprehensive, useful and was provided in a very timely way, an overall 10/10
Dan Douglass
CEO, Heathcote Health
The PMme provided me with a very comprehensive look into my organisation (Care 24-7) current Pandemic Management. The quality of questions were good; even though it seemed lengthy, the tool was easy to use. The Pandemic Management report was very insightful and offered very detailed actionable insights into our pandemic management plan, specifically for us to communicate more with regional stakeholders and the wider healthcare network in future emergencies. It reminded us to prioritise focus on staff morale and ensure they are frequently updated on specific protocols in the initial stages. Overall, it is an excellent evaluation & decision-support tool with supportive customer experience from the Energesse team, I would rate it at 9/10.
Dr. Sharad Pandit
Medical Director, Calvary Wakefield Emergency Department


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