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Media Release MES debut

Australian-first technology unveiled at the Australian Healthcare Exhibition


Sydney, 15th March 2016 – One of Australia’s leading healthcare experience specialists, Energesse, has unveiled the first real-time feedback technology available in Australia to analyse patient emotions during the opening day of the inaugural Australian Healthcare Exhibition.

The survey technology, MES Experience, is the first of its kind to be used in Australia to quantitatively measure patients’ feelings and emotions in real-time. With this new data, Australian health services will be able to monitor and adjust patient care according to the current situation.

Dr Avi Ratnanesan, CEO of Energesse, said the MES Experience will allow patient-centred care to genuinely establish in Australia, enabling greater engagement with the community on how healthcare services should be delivered.

“Patient-centred care requires respectful and responsive care that considers individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensures that a patient’s values guide all clinical decisions,” Dr Ratnanesan said.

Tested and proven with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, the MES Experience platform has been customised for Australian hospitals and health services by Energesse and now made available to hospitals and clinics across Australia.

“We have been trialling the technology with one of Australia’s largest hospital districts with great success and we are now ready to show the healthcare industry what it can do,” Dr Ratnanesan said.

Director of MES in London, Nick Goodman, said patient-centred care not only improves the patient experience but also has been proven to dramatically reduce healthcare costs.

“The results in the UK show us that patient-centred care lowers staff turnover and absenteeism, enhances patient recovery, improves productivity and efficiency, and enables informed choice by patients,” Mr Goodman said.

“We know that by measuring patients’ emotions and frustrations, healthcare services can finally get the voice of the patient into the system, and that is what is lacking at the moment.”

The MES Experience technology is a multichannel platform for collecting patient experience and satisfaction data at point-of-care, and reports meaningful analytics for managers.

This technology has the potential to truly enable patient-centred care in Australia by producing quantitative data on the emotional aspects of patient opinion in real-time. For the first time, health services are able to respond to patients and action quality improvement more rapidly and intelligently than in the past.


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