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People Strategy & Workforce Optimization

A Companion Guide to Strategic HR Planning

For Purposeful Leaders, Managers & HR Practitioners

Get the Authoritative Guide to People Strategy and HR Planning in Challenging Times.

Economic conditions have resulted in financial challenges for many organizations. CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Chief HR Officers (Chief People Officers) and Boards are frantically executing strategies to survive, contain costs and accelerate a return to profitable growth. Recognising that labor is their biggest cost and people are their greatest asset, many are navigating multiple, competing priorities and asked to ‘do more with less’. 

There is a better way. 

This book describes a clear 8 Step methodology with proven tools, techniques and technologies to enable a competitive People Strategy. Readers will learn how to plan and execute HR Strategies cheaper, faster, better and easier. 

Thought leaders Dr Avi Ratna and Steve Rowe have decades of experience leading, consulting, facilitating and mentoring senior leaders and management teams. The authors share invaluable insights gained from working with over 200 organizations globally. These learnings span diverse industries including IT, audit & consulting, healthcare, retail and financial services; from SMEs to global, multinational corporations such as Pfizer. 

Before making any major decisions on layoffs, recruitment and retention, this book is a must-read for leaders & HR practitioners who aspire to achieve win-win breakthroughs for employees and organizations. 

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"Dr Avi shares a transformational journey for senior leaders to transcend challenges and unlock the true potential of their greatest asset - their people. The book's methodology provides a clear roadmap to foster profound growth, both individually and collectively, by applying conscious leadership within an organization's strategy and workforce."
Deepak Chopra M.D.
Author of over 90 books including NY Times bestseller & Senior scientist with the Gallup Organization, described by Time Magazine as "one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century
"This book is uniquely holistic with the right balance of processes, methods and techniques which have been proven and leveraged over the past 2 decades. I really enjoyed the 8-step strategic HR methodology and am confident this will add valuable insights to all who read this book."
Hani Sedhom
Senior Executive IT Leader

Who should read this book and why

This book is aimed at leaders, managers and Board members who are planning for growth and profitability yet also understand that people matter and are fundamental to an organization’s success. It is particularly relevant to executive leaders such as CEO’s, GM’s, Chief HR Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Financial Officers; it should also prove valuable for all HR practitioners and those contemplating a career in HR. 

The prevalent trends indicate that it is vital that C-suite leaders enhance their understanding of how to build and implement effective people and culture strategies. Similarly HR leaders need to elevate their strategic HR capability using a more developed level of data-driven insights, communication and decision-making influence with their C-suite colleagues.

Boards are also increasingly involved in conversations involving strategic people decisions; this book is therefore also critical to developing the capability of Board Chairs and Board members. Additionally, for executives in sales and marketing roles such as Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Customer Experience Officers and Sales leaders who aim to improve team performance, productivity and talent retention to grow revenue, this is also a pivotal book.

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About the Authors

Dr Avi Ratna

Dr. Avi is a global thought leader and the Founder and CEO of Energesse, a leading firm which provides products and services that improve strategic HR planning, workforce optimisation and employee experience management. As a futurist and award-winning innovator, Dr Avi advises executives from SME’s to large organizations on addressing industry trends and challenges such as workforce shortages and employee engagement using data-driven decisions. His latest work includes solutions for addressing labour shortages through ROI-driven workforce management strategies and predictive algorithms.

Steve Rowe

Steve is a highly regarded executive with significant experience gained at executive and Board level, both in the UK and Australia, with a range of blue-chip companies including UBS, Pfizer and IAG where he has led teams of up to 400 across multiple geographies.  As a practicing consultant Steve has also provided HR strategy advice to a range of organizations at both the enterprise and SME level and is recognised as an inspiring people and thought leader in the arena of people, culture, change and business transformation.

(Note: This is for digital copies of the book. For print copies, please contact

Book presentation to the Minister of Communications and Digital, Malaysian Ministry, YB Fahmi Fadzil.


Dr Avi's book offers practical wisdom for CEOs and business leaders to develop the potential of your people and create a culture of success, with strategies to achieve productivity and business growth.
— Maha Sinnathamby
Entrepreneur and Chairman/Founder, Springfield City Group
This book is a masterclass for CEOs and HR leaders who want to drive success whilst under resource pressures. It provides the much-needed framework in strategic HR, helping you align and invest accurately to address the complexity of solutions & technologies for talent attraction, development, engagement & retention, thereby creating a more sustainable bottom-line.
— Alexandra Stathatos
Head of Human Resources, Asia Pacific, Landis+Gyr
I've been implementing the methodologies from the book in our workplace and have found it to be immensely useful in clarifying our strategies for improving engagement, wellbeing and productivity of our auditor workforce. I'd highly recommend it to leaders and management teams who are working out how to optimise their human capital, talent development and financial resources.
— Stacey Gaw
National Auditor Manager, AUS-MEAT & AUS-QUAL
"People Strategy & Workforce Optimization" is a must-read book tailored for leaders, managers, and Board members seeking to propel their organisations towards growth and profitability while acknowledging the crucial role of people in their success. It equips readers with valuable tips that are not only cheaper, faster, better, and easier but also essential during tough economic times.
— Allan Ryan
Executive Director of Hargraves Institute Australian and Adj. Prof of UTS Business School
Dr. Avi's book is a game-changer for CEOs and leaders who wish to create sustainable, healthy organizations for the future of humanity. He integrates rare strategic insights for driving business success whilst also optimizing human potential and wellbeing.
— Dr. Kien Vuu, MD
Thought Leader in Human & Organizational Health and Performance. Best-selling author of Thrive State
As with so many things in life, this book is designed to help the HR world take a much needed next step, guided by people that have not only taken that step themselves, but have been able to observe and guide hundreds of others to successfully make it too.
— Prof. Darrell Mann
CEO Systematic Innovation
Strong leadership and effective management working together to create an engaged, fulfilled and productive workforce is a good idea. However, strategising and structuring the systems and processes that make these ideological concepts a reality is a lot harder. This book demystifies the elements needed to leverage your people and culture into an organisation that is continually adapting and growing, creating value for your customer.
— Robert Cappucio
Culture Development Consultant, Coach & Host of the SelfHelp Antidote podcast
You can immediately tell which organisations take a strategic approach i.e. long-term capability development versus which ones are “putting out fires”. If you want to know how to optimise your workforce – get this book. The tools and methodologies for shaping people-centered cultures are powerful and I loved the clarity of the step-by-step guide.
— Cris Popp
Leadership & Wellbeing Consultant
I highly recommended this book for every HR Leader, CFO and COO as it bridges two important questions - how do we demonstrate business ROI for people-centred work AND how do we know that we are solving the right problems for the right reasons? This book provides a unique, evidence-based way to use hard data to prioritise the value of soft skills, and makes a welcome contribution to the field of Org. Development, Design & Performance Improvement.
— Sue Tsigaros
Consultant, Facilitator and Leadership Coach

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