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Energesse is the only next generation intelligence platform that transforms your data into ROI-based solutions for workforce planning & retention, customer experience improvement and emergency risk management.

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• Learn how person-centered care and the patient experience is an indicator of performance and a measure of excellence
• Understanding how patients experience their care alongside the governance workflow of health and care services
• Discover how to diagnose the stage of your current patient experience maturity to develop strategies, actions plans and solutions for improvement

What Our Customers Say

The Patient Experience Maturity Model (PXme) has helped us as an organisation think more broadly about our patient experience approach, including all the items that contribute to the patient experience. Measurement has traditionally focused purely on direct patient feedback including comments and complaints, but the model widened our vision. It helped us celebrate what we are doing well and has enabled us to develop a targeted plan for continual improvement over a longer period. We are looking forward to working further with Energesse to consolidate our Patient Experience Strategic Action Plan.
Jill Carland
Manager, Quality & Risk, Bethesda Health Care
From my perspective, the PMme Report is conservative but quite accurate at the point in time that it was conducted. With new information on the pandemic becoming available on almost a daily basis, I believe it is a tool that needs to be re-done periodically to re-assess what's been completed, who is responsible and whether certain aspects are still needed. We have been very pleased with the service provided by Energesse in relation to the PMme. The Tool was easy to access and complete and the Report is comprehensive, useful and was provided in a very timely way, an overall 10/10
CEO, Heathcote Health
We have had a long relationship with Avi, and the support and expertise provided through the recent work has provided invaluable support to our team for big picture, innovative thinking, with both the patient experience and the outcomes for the health system top of mind.
Dwayne Crombie
Managing Director, BUPA Australia
The Patient Experience Maturity Model (PXme) helps leaders and teams understand where to focus their change efforts in a meaningful way. Person-centred care has been a significant untapped opportunity in our health system, I see the PXme approach as helping teams to deliver on the experience that matters to patients and consumers”
Danny O’Connor
Former Chief Executive, Western Sydney Local Health District
"Excellent, the PXme definitely overdelivered on our expectations. It is good to work with a company with international experience. The findings and actions are a great tool for continuous improvement and identifying practical actions for operational and business planning. I like the academy and IT solutions components too. This allows to draw upon literature to design contextually specific solutions."
Patient Experience Manager, Queensland Public Hospital & Health Service
I would like to see the Self Leadership Experience run as a program in the health districts! I enjoy being a participant. I have learned a lot and I have enjoyed Dr Avi's guidance and the support of the nursing community. I will be reflecting on my practice more often to gain insight into my behavior and responses at work.
Patricia Lenan
Clinical Nurse Specialist

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