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Data Analytics & Advisory

Poor patient experiences in hospitals continue to make media headlines; At the same time, consumer expectations of healthcare as a service industry are rising. However, healthcare organisations (hospital, clinics) and aged care facilities are increasingly financially constrained with tighter budgets and have increasing regulatory compliance requirements in order to stay in business.

To solve these issues, managers can take 12-24 months to develop a strategy for quality patient care. They also have scarce budgets for quality and experience improvements which are complex, frustrating and difficult to solve – they do not know what the right solutions are and when and how to implement them accurately. Our data analytics and advisory support provides our customers (CEOs, Directors, Nursing leaders, Physician leaders, Managers) with implementation support on improving patient, client and staff experiences, accreditation requirements and financial return on investment.

Case Study 1: Patient Experience Measurement and Improvement at a Local Health District (Public Health Sector)

A local health district looked to improve on their patient experience measurement activities using validated tools and technology. Energesse led a long-term project using Energesse’s cloud-based real-time survey system and a proprietary 6e Framework – a holistic guide to engaging consumers. Validated and customised question sets and instruments were used in the design stage. Feedback data captured by the system was incorporated into regular reporting across the district including the Health Care Quality and Patient Care Committees, ensuring that insights received are reviewed at the highest levels of the organisation. 

The speed at which feedback data was captured and the granularity of the data enabled ward staff to initiate and prioritise tangible solutions to improve care. When sentiment analysis of patient comments delivered by the survey platform indicated that Noise at Night was a key concern, staff were engaged to improve this domain of patient experience. When surgical patients stated that they felt there were varying approaches in treatment of patients due to cultural differences, Multicultural Health reviewed its policy and provided appropriate training to staff. The survey system was well received by staff, patients and families. As a result of this system, patient experience scores rose from 72% to 86%. Highly-actionable quantitative and qualitative patient feedback data allowed key issues to be addressed.

Case Study 2: Improving Patient Experience at a Group of Clinics in Australia (Private Health Sector)

Energesse is leading a long-term engagement project with group of clinics, who needed to raise the standard of patient-centred care to the level of patient expectations, and address issues around data granularity, delayed results and clarity of reports. Significant investment was required in attracting new patients and therefore the clinics’ repositioned its focus to patient retention. Better patient experience measurement, understanding and improvement was identified as the key catalyst in achieving their vision.

An initial Patient Experience Audit identified specific areas of strengths and opportunities. A Patient Experience Program was designed and developed through co-design with the service provider and key stakeholders. The patient experience survey was developed based on best practice surveys from the NHS UK. Targets were set, and program metrics were developed including Net Promoter Score benchmarks. As a result of better patient engagement, the Net Promoter Score overall improved from 50 in 2016 to 58 in 2017. When sites were compared, patient satisfaction had increased across all clinics by an average of 5%.

Case Study 3: Staff Engagement – Measuring Satisfaction among Junior Doctors at a Private Hospital

A private hospital needed to measure satisfaction levels among their junior doctors and identify and understand areas within their training program that needed improvement. The hospital engaged Energesse to design and deliver a survey for their 300 junior doctors. We helped them design an online survey, choose its mediums, analyse and benchmark survey outcomes, and provide recommendations for their training program, based on the comments and suggestions made by the doctors. A high response rate of 50% was achieved. The design of the survey enabled the capture of quantitative and qualitative feedback about every element of the training program. Both quantitative and qualitative data were analysed, and the report of outcomes provided an in-depth understanding of the effectiveness of their training program, the circumstances that influenced the experiences of junior doctors, the experience of rural training versus urban training and ideas and recommendations for improvement. An unexpected outcome was that when the ratings were benchmarked against Australian public hospital training program ratings, the private hospital training program had higher ratings.

We have demonstrated such capability with highly acclaimed industry White Papers.

Our research examples include our ‘Future Solutions in Australian Healthcare White Paper’ Australian thought leaders across healthcare ecosystem. The Paper’s findings were presented to Prime Minister’s advisors and received a letter of commendation from the State Minister of Health of Western Australia.

Our White Paper on Customer Retention and Experience in the Private Health Insurance industry was featured in major Australian and international media.

Download copies at Future Solutions White Paper or Customer Experience White Paper

“Energesse did a great job of guiding us through the process of transforming our clinician needs through a comprehensive survey of Junior Medical Officers. I was impressed by their ability to provide the 300 doctor survey at a very reasonable investment and incredibly high response rate. The analysis of the data and the interpretation of the results were great and I think we have the basis of an article in a major journal.”

– Jim Houston, Director of Medical Services, Greenslopes Private Hospital, Ramsay Healthcare Group

We have also demonstrated our capability in improving the patient experience with our highly acclaimed industry White Papers.