The 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress Module 6: Managing Your Energy

Dr Avi : Ni Hao and welcome to Module 6 of the 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress.
In this module, I am going to train you on how to manage your energy. Now when we talk about energy in relation to the body, in western science we often refer to metabolic energy, which is the energy we obtain from food and nutrition and we quantify it in calories or kilojoules.

The 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress Module 3: Training Your Mind

Dr Avi : Gday, Gday and welcome to Module 3 of the 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Manage Stress.

This module is about Training your mind which comes into the Mental section of your Wellness Wheel. If you don’t remember what the wellness wheel was, it is a tool to help you diagnose how every part of your life is going, in a simple easy way.

The 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress Module 2 – Understand Your Stress

Dr Avi    :               Namaste and Welcome to Module 2 of the 7 Step Mind Body Training program to prevent and treat stress.

In this module, I am going to teach you how to better understand stress and what causes it from 3 levels – that is Mind, Body, and Soul or Spirit. I will give you an overview of how all the areas of your being come together to shape all the areas of your life.

I will then also take you through the Energesse Wellness Wheel which is an easy diagnostic tool that you can do yourself to measure how you are tracking in all areas of your life – right now. Are you interested in finding that out?? Great!

So let’s first explore what the real cause of your stress is. Why is this important, you may ask? Well, when you understand the real cause and where it is coming from, you’ll understand what makes it worse and more importantly you’ll also understand how to make it better or resolve it altogether.

Even better, you could even learn how to prevent significant bouts of stress in the future. The major problem is that most people don’t realise that this is the case and don’t take a holistic approach to their wellbeing.

Don’t understand how their energy system is involved, which is a system of your body which is treated by Eastern therapies, but not acknowledged by western medical solutions.

The solution is often incomplete and short term. But no worries, because in this program I will explain how to connect the dots between your mind, body and spirit and how all three elements are integrated via the energy paradigm and determine our overall wellbeing.

The other major problem that most stressed people have is that they don’t do anything about it, they don’t take action and all they do is complain. But once again, I can tell that you are not one of those people, because you are watching this video and you are taking action – so congrats! That’s a great first step.

Now most people think that stress is in the mind and to a large degree that is the case. However, our Mind Body Spirit are all intimately connected, and so when we are affected by stress, it is not only caused by an imbalance at all 3 areas, it also affects all the 3 areas.

How are all 3 areas interconnected? Well Albert Einstein explained the universe is made up of energy. Remember his formula e=mc2. Well, energy equals mass x speed of light squared, which meant that energy and matter are interchangeable.

In fact our bodies, which is mass or matter, is simply dense energy. Thousands of years of history from Eastern medicine has also mapped out the energy anatomy of our bodies.

These days, quantum physics is also proving this to be true, experiments have now measured that our bodies have an energy field, and that the energy field of the heart is 5,000 greater than the energy field of the brain. And so, if everything in the universe is energetic, we can therefore easily conclude that our Mind, Body and Soul are all also energy based.

Bearing that in mind, how do diagnose your stress and how does it currently affect all areas of your life?

Well the tool I’d like to share with you today is the Energesse Wellness Wheel. It’s a simple diagnostic tool for your overall wellbeing you can get from the Energesse website, which allows you to assess how stressed you really are, and how it may be affecting every area of your life.

In each area of your life, you can place a score between 1 and 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest score you can have.

Let’s first have a look at how stress may be affecting your Physical state.

Physical Energy score:
• Overall, how is the health of your body?
• How is your diet and nutritional state?
• Do you exercise regularly?
• Do you get sufficient rest and sleep?

Mental score:
• Do you get sufficient intellectual stimulation in your life?
• How is your emotional state?
• Do you current behaviours help you to cope with your daily challenges?
• Do you have opportunities to think creatively?
• Are you getting sufficient challenges to learn from in your life?

Social and Relationships score:
• Overall do you have strong connection with your family?
• Overall do you have strong relationships with your friends?
• Do you have romance in your life?
• Do you have strong connections with your community?

Environmental score:
• How is your home space?
• Do you have regular contact with nature?
• Do you have appropriate spaces or places for recreational activities?

Career score:
• Do you have a sense of fulfilment in your career?
• Do you have a sense of balance in your current career choice?
• Is your career aligned with your unique values and strengths?

Wealth score:
• Do you have a sense of financial abundance?
• Do you feel secure with your financial state of affairs?
• Do you have a clear plan for your financials?

Spiritual score:
• Do you have a sense of inner peace and happiness?
• Are you living in alignment with your personal values and beliefs?
• Are you living in alignment with a higher purpose?

Once you have done this exercise, take another look at your wheel. Is your life balanced?
Which areas are you happy with? Are there areas where your life could be improved?

Scores below 4 mean you are suffering.  Scores between 4- 7 mean you are challenged and scores over 8 mean you are excelling.
The Energesse Wellness Wheel ge holistically how your life is at any point in time. It is a snap shot and as such you can use it daily, weekly or monthly to monitor your own life progress and how it is related to your energy and focus.

What if too many low scores, don’t worry. Once one area of your life changes, you will find that other areas will pick up themselves, just watch and see.

I will provide you with techniques in upcoming modules which will help with your stress and how it is affecting the different areas of your life.

You can ask me questions or place your comments by contacting me on my contact form, blog or via our Facebook page.

Your prescription for today is to complete the Wellness Wheel, and really understand which part of your life the stress is coming from. Then ask yourself, how is stress affecting your MBS in the different areas of your life?

The next few modules will show you some fantastic techniques to help in these areas.

Finally, if you found this module useful, please share it with someone you know who will find it beneficial. It can be more fun to deal with something like stress with a friend or family member. That’s it from me, I’m Dr Avi, love your success, health and happiness.


Weekly Digest January 24, 2014

Stress and its causes, setting intention to deal with stress, understanding and dealing with stress and everything else stress related.


7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress

This is an exclusive 7-step training course which is different from other programs, which often only focus on physical or mental components. In this program, you will not only understand the cause of your stress at all levels, you will also understand how to train your mind, body and soul to prevent and treat stress.


Course Introduction and Setting Your Intention

Step 1 is overall understanding of the journey and setting the intention. Set a goal that you are going to overcome your stress and become a more resilient person so you can live healthy, happy and successful.


Understand Your Stress

When you understand the real cause and where it is coming from, you’ll understand what makes it worse and more importantly you’ll also understand how to make it better or resolve it altogether.

The 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress Module 1 – Course Intro & Setting Your Intention


Dr Avi    :               Welcome to the 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress. My name is Dr Avi Ratnanesan and I’m going to give you a 7 Step training series to help you deal with stress.

Now this is a Mind-Body training series, which is different from many other programs, which usually only specialise in one area of yourself or another.  However, in this particular module I’m gonna give you a more holistic approach between your mind body connection and how you can treat stress.

Before I go that far, let me give you a brief introduction. My career started as a Medical doctor in the UK and Australia. After several years, I spent time in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, where I saw the best of the best in terms of drug development and new medicines. I was even one of the Medical Directors at Pfizer in Australia and was in charge of the world’s most famous drug Viagra – for Australia and NZ. I held roles like Chief of Staff and was responsible for advising on strategy for this $ 1 billion company.

Today, I am an expert in wellbeing, after I realised that modern medicine did not cover every part of our healthcare.

I now believe in a more holistic and integrated approach to keeping people well and that is why I started my organisation Energesse, a network of elite practitioners and education.

We want to make the world a better place, and we want to do that by making you feel well. Because when you feel well and happy, the science has shown that you will make everyone else around you feel well and happy too.

What’s also important to us is our values- which are Purpose, Balance, Love and Authenticity and so it’s important for us to give you True Wellbeing, from the inside out and true relief from your stress.

And I know this is possible, because I live a life like that, a lot of people tell me I have this perpetual glow and smile and I look young for my age, so I’m going to show you how you can achieve that too, because while I still experience stressful situations, I don’t let it affect me too much.

Over these 7 modules, I am going to show you some fantastic techniques on how to prevent and treat your stress at a level of Mind, Body and Soul or Spirit.

Because in order to deal with stress long term, you need to tackle it all at these levels. And the techniques I’m going to show you pull some of the best knowledge from Western medicine as well as Eastern alternative techniques, because I don’t believe in separating the two methods of healing people. I believe in combining them so you can get the best of the best.

I also don’t believe that there is one way to wellbeing, which is the only way. I believe in giving you several options, so you have the choice and you can choose your favorite techniques to help your situation.

On top of that, I am a strong believer of showing you the science behind how this all works as well as marry that with simple practical tips on wellbeing.

Finally, I also don’t believe in labelling you as a disease or condition, such as a “stressed individual” and so while the techniques I show you will help your stress, they will help you as a whole person and your overall wellbeing as well – isn’t that fantastic?

I bet you’re looking forward to it. So in the next module I will explain some of the causes of stress that affect your Mind Body and Spirit.

I will explain the physiology behind stress and how that can lead to illness.

Next I will show you the Energesse Wellness Wheel, so you can diagnose how well or unwell you actually are right now, in all areas of your life.

Then in Module 3, we’ll dig deeper into your mind, and I’ll explain the relationship between conscious and subconscious minds, as well as your ego and how that is related to stress. I will show you techniques around being present and gratitude that will help you in that area.

I will then in module 4 cover the physical elements of stress and give you some techniques for better sleep, as well as tips on exercise and nutrition.

Finally, in module 5 and 6, we will discover how alignment or mal-alignment with your inner self and core values is the real factor for causing stress. I will also show you some great techniques involving meditation and tapping that can shift your energy in this area, before we summarise everything in the final module. If you implement all these techniques, I can guarantee you will not be the same person.

Step 1 is overall understanding of the journey and setting the intention. Set a goal that you are going to overcome your stress and become a more resilient person so you can live healthy, happy and successful.

Let’s sets that intention now. Because once you do this training series, you’re going to feel great, and once you feel great, that is going to affect everyone around you positively as well, and they are going to feel great.

The one thing you have to do is do this course – watch the modules and implement your favourite technique each day. The next 7 modules will take you through these techniques, step by step.

What if you’ve never done this process before, don’t worry, you can ask me questions by contacting me on my contact form, blog or via our Facebook page.

It also gets easier the more you do it.

Your prescription for today is to set the intention that you are going to make the commitment to complete this training and achieve the outcome that you want.

Make time in your calendar, at least 20 minutes a day to schedule and implement the techniques I am about to show you.

Place a comment on our site or you can also reach me on my blog or the Energesse FB page.

Share this video with anyone you feel needs it , sometimes it’s more fun to do a course like this with a friend or partner. Love your success, health and happiness, I’m Dr Avi. Bye for now.

Weekly Digest January 10, 2014

Drug-free tips on dealing with stress, combating stress using the tapping technique, tapping for quitting smoking, and even a poem on living a stressful life. Find it all below in our weekly digest.



 How to Use the Tapping Technique for Stress Relief.

Here is include a quick three-minute tapping sequence that you can try to help you reduce your stress at home or at work.





How to Lower Stress Without Drugs – 5 Tips for Home and Work.

All you need is a bit of information around to how to manage stress naturally. Elaine has proposed 5 ways in which you can lower your stress levels, which will cost you nothing! Also you don’t need to get on any medications either.



The Battle Begins – A Poem about a Stressful Life.
The battle begins again
Dark shadow turns to light
The creep of serenity knocking on fainted eyelids
Like a million drones, impulses, fizzling scattered breaks
The storm of night becomes the rage of day



man with gas mask protects against tobacco smoke
A Tapping Technique to Help with Addictions such as Smoking.

This tapping sequence is designed to help with reducing cravings for cigarettes and may help with quitting smoking altogether if repeated regularly.




3 Tips on Conscious Evolution from Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of the leading figures worldwide in global consciousness. Even Deepak Chopra called her “the voice of conscious evolution of our time”. That’s no small feat.

I was fortunate enough to hear Barbara speak via live video link at the recent UPLIFT festival in Byron Bay. What I love about Barbara is her very enlightened perspective on how to see the world, and how to view the problems and crises that we currently face as great opportunities for positive change.

Apart from being a prolific author, visionary, social innovator and educator, Barbara is the co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is also the producer and narrator of the award winning documentary series entitled “Humanity Ascending: A New Way through together”.

Now you might be thinking – what is all this ‘conscious evolution’ business? Well, my interpretation of it is, is that humanity is now starting to think more broadly about how we live. We are starting to realise that we humans are intricately connected to nature, wildlife and everything else on the planet.

More so, we are actually all connected to each other, regardless of race, religion, colour, creed or country. Essentially we are all more alike than we are different, we are all one.

I have observed many things in science, medicine and even spiritually to make me inclined to embrace this philosophy. It also bears no conflict with any of my past thoughts on religion, science and humanity rather it integrates it more completely.

During the interview at UPLIFT, Barbara,who was interviewed in the documentary THRIVE, had three major insights on conscious living.

1.      Global consciousness is shifting

Barbara mentioned that during this time,global consciousness is shifting and we are all evolving as more thoughtful human beings. More and more people are ‘waking up’ to the idea that we are all connected in some way. If we were to damage the forests in the Indonesia, we see repercussions such as pollution all over Asia.

Likewise when there is a famine or war in a country like Somalia, we see economic and immigration problems all over the region. As more people come to the realisation of our connectedness, the more conscious we are about how we treat ourselves, others, and the planet as a whole.

2.      We need both positive and negative situations to evolve

We need both the positive and negative forces in our lives in order for evolution to happen. This has happened in every form of ecosystem and it is also happening to us. You see, as we age and grow, we are all constantly evolving – physically, mentally and for some, even spiritually.

And in order for us to evolve, we need forces, situations and challenges to occur to us, in order for us to develop new skills, knowledge, insights and awareness. When it comes to health, we become more conscious of what we eat, drink and the people we surround ourselves with.

3.      We all have a choice in how we learn and evolve our minds

That perspective puts an entirely different light on any disease, suffering, pain or hurt that we may be currently experiencing. It is also a perspective that begs us to look internally at what we can do for ourselves, before blaming everyone else in the world for what we do OR do not have.

In reality, we may not always have a choice as to the joys or tragedies that we experience, but we have absolute 100% ability to determine how we respond to those experiences. All too often, we play victim to our situation and this can go on for years.

Yet, time and time again, we see greatness in people who have seen death, suffered terminal diseases or disability and choose to live positively and a full life afterward.

Which of these 3 tips of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s do you most resonate with?