Future Solutions from Qualitative Big Data


On December 10th, I was given the chance to address a group of experts at the Healthcare Analytics Conference in Sydney. In my presentation, I discussed Future Solutions from Qualitative Big Data and introduced Energesse’s technology called PanSensic.

Before we change actions or activities within the healthcare system, the first point is to understand how front-line staff and consumers think about the system we are in now. Watch the video to learn more.


0:01       Introducing the Speaker
00:45     Agenda
2:30       What is the Healthcare ‘Ecosystem’
3:50       Defining the Consumer Health Experience
4:05       Future Solutions in Australian Healthcare White Paper
6:30       High Priority Reform by 2020
7.50       Converging Data Paradigms in Healthcare
10:00    Data & Smarter Solution Decisions
13:00    Unlocking Qualitative Data in Healthcare
16:00    Pansensic Technology
22:34    Hospital Patient Pathway Analysis
24:25    Pansensic Live Dashboards – Realtime Monitoring
26:30    Hospital Benchmarking of Consumer Perception
28:35    Emotion Analysis of Patients
30:05    Change Care Pathways at a Psycho-Emotional Level
32:50    Analysing Mental Gears – Thinking Styles of Patient
33:45    Multi-Industry Validation of Pansensic
34:14    Summary
36:00   Q & A


To access the slides of this presentation, click here.

For a complimentary test analysis using PanSensic, or for interest in distribution partnerships, contact avnesh@energesse.com.