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Marketing Coordinator

Reporting to: CEO, Energesse

Overall purpose of the role

  • Develop strategies and tactics to grow several product lines in B2B and B2C markets for a Small-to-Medium Enterprise
  • Develop and deploy successful marketing campaigns from ideation to execution including focusing on metrics and ROI
  • Guiding with various organic and paid customer acquisition channels including web-based and social media
  • Helping us build and maintain a strong and consistent brand through a wide range of online and offline marketing channels.
Marketing Coordinator responsibilities include tracking and analyzing the performance of campaigns, managing the marketing budget and ensuring that all marketing material is effective and in line with our brand. To be successful in this role, you should have hands-on experience with digital analytics tools and be able to turn creative ideas into effective campaigns that deliver financial ROI.


  • Identifying and acquiring new customers.
  • Supporting sales and lead generation efforts as well as lead marketing funnels and customer journey mapping.
  • Planning, developing and managing marketing campaigns including analyzing customer behavior and adjusting campaigns accordingly
  • Understanding and developing budgets, including expenditures, return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.
  • Developing a pricing strategy that maximizes profits and market share but considers customer satisfaction.
  • Building brand awareness and positioning as well as strategies and tactics to promote products and drive qualified leads 
  • Oversee and manage a variety of organic and paid acquisition channels and suppliers for content creation, pay per click campaigns, online event management, publicity, social media, lead generation campaigns, copywriting and engaging content that attracts and converts our target customers
  • Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry players and vendors
  • Oversee and approve marketing material, from website banners to hard copy brochures and case studies
  • Measure, evaluate and report on the performance of marketing campaigns, gain insight and assess against goals
  • Healthcare or enterprise marketing expertise
  • Strong background in digital marketing
  • Experience in B2B and B2C marketing
  • Demonstrable experience in marketing together with the potential and attitude required to learn
  • Proven experience in identifying target audiences and in creatively devising and leading across channels marketing campaigns that engage, educate and motivate
  • Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • Numerically literate, comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets
  • A sense of aesthetics and a love for great copy and effective communication
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement
  • The ideal candidate must be comfortable working in a dynamic setting with multiple competing priorities. As an international company based in Australia and the United States, the Marketing Coordinator should be comfortable engaging in professional communication with individuals online from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Additional Benefits

As part of the Energesse team, you will gain access to the Ikigai leadership program where we will coach you on your purpose. You will also gain access to the Move4Love employee wellness program, and 6e Leadership program for free. You will have the opportunity to work with many interesting people across the company, other team members, frontliners and diverse cultures from over 5 countries.


The remuneration package is subject to negotiation and suitability of the candidate with requirements. Contact us for more information or email your CV (max. 4 pages) and Cover Letter (max 1 page) to