{COVID-19} – 2 Ways I can help you Now

My team and I at Energesse have been working hard to ramp up support to health services, patients and the public during this time of crisis.

Some people are in panic, other are scared and cases continue to rise whilst in some areas are in various degrees of lockdown. Things have gotten more serious over the past week and it’s changing daily.  

So to help you out this situation as best we can, here’s 2 ways in which I’d like to help you RIGHT NOW.

  1. For ALL Health and Care Professionals, Managers and Executives

Similarly, I’m also providing advice on management tips for health & care professionals that are relevant to the crisis, to help upskill, educate and inform the community. This is available through my LinkedIn channel and Patient Experience Community. These educational videos are available here, and also FREE.

Please feel free to share this education with your friends, family if you see fit, it is FREE. There is so much misinformation and fear-mongering out there, which we are aiming to counter.


  1. SPECIFICALLY For Managers & Clinicians leading the Pandemic Preparedness and Response

The COVID-19 pandemic management involves a complex myriad of procedures, action plans and information flows that are changing daily. Management staff and clinicians are now very time-poor and fatigued and have to keep up with frequent procedural changes which is very intense, confusing and reactionary.


We’ve developed a new urgent solution called the PMme to provide accelerated support to manage the pandemic more efficiently and effectivelyIt alleviates workload and frees up capacity of managers leading the pandemic readiness and response. This provides them with critical information in a personalised manner to make their workflow easier.

To help address the situation in our hospitals, we are offering it AS A FREE TRIAL
– we just want to help you at this time of need. Feel free to message to me  directly avnesh@energesse.com or call 02 8091 0918. I’m happy to have a quick chat to discuss with you how your health service manage this crisis more.

A BIG HEARTY thank you to all our health and care professionals in the community for your service and dedication.

Lots of love and support at this time,

Dr Avi