Our 12 Months to Christmas

This holiday season, we have been looking back at how the years’ events have shaped Energesse and how we help our clients. There’s gratitude in everything we do, and we would like to recap our 12 months to Christmas!

January: We presented our inaugural Energesse Patient Experience (PX) Awards to two well-deserving clients – Western Sydney LHD (WSLHD) in Australia and Bagan Specialist Centre in Malaysia. They achieved significant wins in progressing their organisation’s measurement and improvement capabilities, see here.

February: We helped deploy the MES real-time patient feedback and survey platform at South Western Sydney LHD (SWSLHD) who gained strong traction across their hospitals including Liverpool, Bankstown Lidcombe, Bowral & District, Camden, Campbelltown, and the Oral Health Clinic. Find out more about their story here.

March: We celebrated when the Energesse-WSLHD partnership was as a Finalist for the Best Digital Transformation Project Award at the 2018 Australian Healthcare Week Excellence Awards! We continue to work with WSLHD in their patient experience efforts. We also helped Eastern Melbourne PHN (EMPHN), via their CEO Robin Whyte, her Board and executive with the further development of their Strategy and Performance framework. Our process to do this has now gained interest from other PHNs. 

April: I was honoured to be invited to be the Keynote Speaker at the Australian Telehealth Conference organised by the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) – the recording of the keynote can be viewed here. I also delivered a patient experience workshop at the PXSymposia organised by NSW Health.

May: I had the opportunity to speak about how the research sector could improve Consumer Engagement at the Research Australia Speaker Series. It was great to be part of the panel with Jean-Frederic Levesque from the Agency of Clinical Innovation. Attendees came from across the Australian research landscape and were supported by the Garvan Institute and Vodafone Foundation. Great job to CEO Nadia Levin and her team for organising it.  Click here for more info.

June: I had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Bowles, CEO of Calvary Health as part of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Health Leaders Roundtable podcast. A few weeks later I was invited to deliver the education keynote on Strategy and Performance Optimisation to health financial leaders i.e. CFO’s and financial managers, to help them play a bigger role in strategic decisions.

We also completed the process of becoming a member of the Apple Consultant Network (ACN). We are looking forward to evolving the relationship with Apple Health and helping use Apple products to improve experiences in hospitals and other healthcare organisations in 2019.

July: We held our inaugural Patient Experience Roundtable in partnership with The Beryl Institute and WSLHD. The Roundtable helped leaders and patient experience champions understand how to make a greater impact in the patient experience movement, share learnings and network. It was great to have the President of the Beryl Institute, Jason Wolf as speaker – this was the first PX Roundtable outside of Australia! CEO of WSLHD, Danny O’Connor also delivered the opening speech on how to engage leaders in patient-centered care. Find out more here. 

We love teaching and education, so July marked the start of our hugely popular free online Energesse Master class series. We covered a range of topics on patient-centered care to help managers and clinicians on patient experience improvement and culture change and increase skills and capability.

August: We were very excited to share our Energesse Patient Experience Maturity Model – a solution aimed at identifying the patient experience maturity level of a healthcare organisation. The solution conducts a gap analysis and capability assessment on person-centered care and identifies ‘what-to-do’ to improve patient experience and progress on the maturity spectrum. It also has matrices for ‘how to do it’ i.e. actions, solutions to improve PX-centered capabilities. We are thrilled about our first use-case to a major hospital in Victoria. If you feel the PX Mate might speak directly to your pain points, just call or email us to find out more.

September: I was grateful for the opportunity to help patients with hearing difficulties as we ran an online training event on ‘Client-Centered Care’ with Australian Hearing. It was a great opportunity to share our learnings with a new segment of health professionals, clinicians and managers. 

October: We continued to expand our presence in championing patient experience movement through partnerships in IHF Brisbane and the IHI-BMJ Conference in Melbourne. We are proud to continue supporting these leading events.

November: We were at the Healthshare Expo. We also collaborated with Avent Edge for the PX Summit in Melbourne. It was also the month we delivered patient experience training to some of the top cardiologists in Malaysia, at the National Heart Institute (IJN) in Malaysia. IJN is the hospital that saved my father’s life when he went through a quadruple bypass and I count this opportunity as one of my top 5 career highlights of all time, as the cardiologist that treated my dad was actually in the training session I delivered there!

December: We were very thankful to have Nick Ryan, CEO of the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency work with us, to share learnings with the aged care sector, as we have been asked to support consumer engagement and experience improvement for aged care organisations in 2019.

Against the backdrop of these highlights, we welcomed more partridges in our pear tree! Two new employees joined us with great impact, Sharon Dayus (former ICU Nurse and eMR implementation analyst from Cambridge Hospitals Trust UK) as our Patient Experience Specialist and Charles Janoras, (Data Science from Phillipines) in our Operations team.

Energesse has had an amazing year -and it is mostly thanks to you, who are out there putting in the hard work to improve the health and wellbeing of peoples’ lives. My team and I are very grateful for your continued effort and support, and we hope for an even greater 2019, making more waves in evolving the patient experience movement!

Outcomes from the Inaugural Australian Patient Experience Roundtable 2018

We recently held our inaugural Energesse-Beryl Institute Patient Experience Roundtable, hosted by Western Sydney Local Health District. It was an exhilarating event, with key speakers (Jason Wolf, President of the Beryl Institute, Dr Avi, CEO of Energesse and Chrissan Segaram and Katherine Maka from WSLHD) and patient experience champions exchanging invaluable ideas and solutions on staff engagement and the patient experience.

Jason Wolf kicked off the event with a global perspective of patient experience and staff engagement efforts – his key message was that patient experience had moved to an unprecedented level of priority where 9 out 10 respondents see it as very to extremely important in their healthcare setting and that patient, family and staff voice is imperative to optimising the patient experience. Based on his global survey, the highest ranked PX components by patients in Australia is listening and communication, courtesy and respect, confidence in staff abilities and taking patients’ pain seriously. If you want to find out more about how you can impact these areas in your organisation through key tools and targeted training, don’t hesitate to talk to us.

I facilitated the session which involved breakout groups on key patient experience challenges such as Staff Engagement, Leadership Engagement and Clinician Burnout. A myriad of ideas and solutions to these challenges were shared.

Translating ideas into action is key as was then demonstrated by WSLHD physiotherapists did through their ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ case study. They improved patient access to specialists based on data gathered through the My Experience Matters survey (on a digital survey platform) and through the introduction of a cost-effective patient-centred service. Their PX scores went from 60-75% on the Kindness, Communication and Involvement in Care domains in September 2017, to 97% across all 3 domains in June 2018!

Overall, the event was definitely a success – we were thrilled with the 8.3/10 rating for the event – there were even a few 10/10s!

If you need advice on HOW to implement patient experience improvements or are keen to participate in future Energesse events and training, do let us know. Just click on the link below to have a conversation with us.

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We will also be following up with some of you in the next few weeks with our summary Patient Experience Roundtable White Paper, aimed at capturing the solutions, opinions and ideas of participants. If you would like to find out more about this White Paper, just call or email us!

Here are some snapshots from the Roundtable!

Mr Jason Wolf, President of The Beryl Institute joined us via video conference Mr Danny O’Connor (CEO WSLHD)
Roundtable group Roundtable group






How do we Engage Leaders to Improve the Patient Experience

Like many sectors, health care is going through an enormous shift. New technologies, the expectations of patients across generations, and how to engage a diverse workforce, are just some of the challenges. In terms of looking at those trends and what’s driving change, often when we think about consumers and what they’re looking for from private hospitals, they’re looking for something that’s different. Here I’m interviewing Martin Bowles, CEO of Calvary Healthcare Australia.

In this interview, talk about the top factors in improving that patient experience.

Click on the button to play the podcast.



  • How the private health care sector can differentiate itself
  • Top three things to improve patient experience
  • The relationship between patient experience and financial outcomes
  • What do Australian hospitals need to change in terms of quality, safety and clinical governance?
  • How to build engagement and get the best out of your team with a diverse workforce
  • The do’s and don’ts for future leaders in healthcare
  • Integrated care opportunities to better align the health system moving forward
  • A vision for the future of healthcare
  • How does having a diverse career shape thinking in healthcare?
  • Martin Bowles’ advice on shaping your career

You can also access the Transcript of this interview here

I’ll be interviewing several other CEO’s for my book on transforming the healthcare experience.


Listening to Patients & Building Positive Experiences Matter at SWSLHD

Have you ever noticed that hospitals often only get featured in the mainstream media when something goes wrong? Often an accident, medical error or staff dispute becomes a feature news piece, rather than all the good work that goes on with treating patients and healing their emotions.

I find that hospitals are occasionally challenged with having to change perceptions in the media and the community. Negative perceptions tend to surface in town council meetings, through complaints managers, and digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter and even Google reviews. This trend is unfortunate, but it is real, and there are certainly significant opportunities to shift negative perceptions in the community.

‘Listening’ to the needs of consumers, patients and the public through a multi-channel approach and then taking action on their feedback is an effective way to address this.

At Energesse, we do this is by helping our client hospitals with their communications strategy alongside the collection of patient feedback in real-time. The aim of the strategy is to build awareness externally of the hospital’s focus on listening to patients and improving patient-centred care. Evidence has shown that communicating with external stakeholders is just as important as internal stakeholders (watch https://qi.elft.nhs.uk/resource/derek-feeley-jason-leitch/ from 40:30 onwards for the #7stories approach when listening to the community – Derek Feeley, President of IHI/BMJ and Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, Healthcare Quality and improvement at IHI/BMJ Conference Kuala Lumpur 2017).

Recently, South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD), in alignment with the District’s Transforming Your Experience strategy, aimed to better engage their patients and community to understand their experiences and build more positive stories and stronger relationships with the community and in the media.

Read on about SWSLHD’s digital measurement platform and the launch of the My Experience Matters Survey, supported by Energesse….

If you would like to find out more about how Energesse  can support your hospital/clinic/organisation’s communication and messaging strategies, don’t hesitate to call or email us


Perspectives from the Patient Experience Symposium 2018

Energesse and our partner, Patient Opinion, were the major co-sponsors of the NSW Health symposium again this year. We don’t normally sponsor events but I’m never one to miss supporting our awesome clients, which are Western Sydney Local Health District and South Western Sydney Local Health District, very large health services within NSW Health. I also loved the symposium – a buzzing event full of 600 consumers, experts, clinicians and speakers passionate about the patient experience!

It was a great opportunity to share our learnings in a Workshop called How to Connect with Patients so They ‘Feel Heard’ and Engage staff in Improving Patient Experience. We also connected with a range of healthcare staff, current and future clients and even our competitors – all driven to change the world in our own ways.

If you missed the symposium this year, I’ve captured the hive of activity and some key learnings in my video below. If you were there, you might spot yourself in the background!

The Patient Experience Symposium or any other patient experience event for that matter, is a great way to re-energise and re-motivate yourself in what you’re trying to achieve in improving your service delivery and care experience.
Energesse is an expert at pointing you in the right direction – call or email us if you need any specific assistance with patient experience measurement, implementing quality improvement or if you just need help making a start!