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Australian Healthcare Firm Energesse To Enter Malaysian Market

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 (Bernama) — Australian healthcare technology firm, Energesse, is making its debut in Malaysia after a successful foray into the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US).

Energesse was founded in 2012 by Chief Executive Officer, Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan, a Malaysian national.

He said among the solutions that Energesse had in mind for the Malaysian market is the Membership Engagement Services (MES) Experience software platform which collects patient feedback and reports in real time.

This enables front-line staff to manage complaints and respond quickly.

The technology uses a sophisticated PanSensic machine-learning algorithm which can analyse trends in attitudes, communication and compassion.

“This empowers front-line staff to understand issues at granular level and make effective improvements for patients, consumers and their families,” Dr Avnesh told Bernama recently.

He said Energesse has received funding from a Malaysian private investment fund.

“We are in serious discussions with stakeholders and senior executives of Malaysian private hospitals at present.

“They have asked for proposals on how our technology services can be rolled-out in their hospitals,” he said.

According to Dr Avnesh, Energesse will be introducing technology solutions that have helped organisations in developed markets reduce costs and improve the quality of healthcare treatment.

“Energesse has led projects in hospitals, among health insurers, healthcare companies and the public sector across the US,UK and Australia,” he said.

He said there are significant opportunities to raise the maturity of patient experience in hospitals in Malaysia in line with developed nations.

“We are introducing the first ‘real-time feedback’ technology in the country that can analyse patient emotions and opinions through feedback surveys,” he added.

He said, Energesse is working with UK partner MES, a communications consultant, on its software platform, to help boost the customer service capability of Malaysia’s private hospitals.

This is to cater specifically for medical tourists from overseas as well as Malaysian patients wanting high-quality healthcare.

“Australia and the UK were the first two countries where Energesse and MES successfully implemented the MES Experience software technology,” he highlighted.

Dr Avnesh said the technology was deployed in the Western Sydney Local Health District with a population of about 900,000 residents.

The MES technology, he said, can raise healthcare performance in Malaysia with hospital services responding faster to patient feedback and complaints.

“This is premised on research findings demonstrating that hospitals with high-quality patient experience and customer service are more than 2.5 times more profitable than those delivering poor service.

“We see Malaysia as having significant growth potential to upgrade its service offerings and patient care in the healthcare system,” he added.

Dr Avnesh is of the opinion that Malaysia has strong potential in medical tourism with the availability of highly trained doctors and specialists, as well as English-speaking medical staff.

“Medical procedures are also relatively cheaper here compared to other western countries,” he added.

However, he explained that rising healthcare costs means there is a need for an efficient reduction and to identify areas that need investment as well as improvement.

Dr Avnesh has roots in the Malaysian healthcare industry.

His late father, Dr Ratnanesan Arumugam was a prominent Malaysian dental surgeon, having held roles as President of the World Dental Federation, Commonwealth Dental Association and served seven years at the helm of the Malaysian Dental Association.

“I am inspired by his extraordinary achievements and believe Energesse can become a world leader in the healthcare industry in future,” he said.

Dr Avnesh, who trained as a medical doctor in the UK and worked as a medical practitioner in Australia, is also passionate about making a significant contribution to the healthcare industry and patients in Malaysia.

He hoped to have a greater impact on the Malaysian health industry through his extensive experience in the biotech and pharmaceuticals industry with leading organisations such as Pfizer Australia.

Dr Avnesh emphasised that since 2012, Energesse had impacted about 107,140 lives through its services and solutions in the healthcare industry.

He said Energesse had undertaken projects in Australia for health insurance giants such as BUPA, Australian federal government agencies, and specialist fertility clinics.

“We are aiming to impact a billion people globally by 2040 through our healthcare solutions and raise standards in the industry to provide efficient services and enhanced patient experience,” he added.

About the Author: Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan

Dr Avi is a medical doctor with broad healthcare sector experience including hospitals, biotech, pharmaceuticals and the wellness industry. He is a leading expert who coaches and consults to senior executives, entrepreneurs, practitioners, organisations and governments.