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Crisis Response, March 2022

Avnesh Ratnanesan and Derrick Tin contend that disasters are fast becoming the new normal

Herald Sun, Sept 2021

Current hotel quarantine system greatly improved but problems would continue to appear if

The Adelaide Advertiser, Nov 2021

ARTS and cultural industries have paid a heavy price during the Covid-19 pandemic

Herald Sun, May 2021

Since the outbreak of Victoria’s second wave, which originated in a hotel quarantine

Energesse Press Release, April 2021

Australia needs a safety net to minimise future lockdowns and economic disruption

AHHA Australia, December 2020

Five Australian health services receive international recognition for their Covid-19 response

Bendigo Advertiser, December 2020

Heathcote Health coronavirus response receives International Hospital Federation praise

Pulse IT Magazine, August 2019

Energesse rolling out patient experience maturity evaluation tool

Australian Financial Review, July 2018 

Private health insurance companies’ $2 billion headache

Australian Health Advocate, June 2017

Energesse Empathy article in Ahha Mag on Page 26

Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies, January 2017

Australian Healthcare Firm Energesse To Enter Malaysian Market

Western Sydney Local Health District, January 2017

Western Sydney Local Health District launches Australian-first Patient Survey

National Members' Meeting- Trends & Strategies for addressing Labour Shortages and Staff Retention
MMTV Ep 61 Mindset Michele with Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan
Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan - Ticker News - COVID Risk Management Assessing Risk at Major Events Post-Pandemic
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Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan - Ticker News - COVID Risk Management -Mitigating the Risk of Spread in the Workplace
Public Health Insights Dr Avi shared with Derryn Hinch on Sky News