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Customer & Patient Experience Improvement
Digital Companion

Customer & Patient Experience Improvement
Digital Companion


Customer Experience leaders and marketing managers are often challenged with improving the customer experience from their starting point to their end-goal. PXme improves customer and patient experiences by provides customised, evidence-based actions to optimise your CX strategy plan and drive the most effective and efficient strategies. It is a world leading digital companion to assist customer experience leaders and marketing managers in enhancing their customer experience journey. It streamlines the process of developing and implementing Customer Experience Strategy Plans and provides specific actions and monitoring support for improvements. The recommendations are evidence-based to optimize financial return on investment in challenging times.


PXme helps you evaluate and improve your customer and patient experience management. The assessment process utilises PXme’s proprietary 6e methodology, starting with a self-assessment that covers various organisational factors that impact the customer experience. 

The assessment results provide users with customised action plans and solutions to improve their experience maturity level. The platform also recommends service providers and IT solutions that can assist in implementing the action plans. 

The capabilities assessed are holistic and more accurate than most tools. They include measurement, infrastructure, environment, leadership, culture, training and education, wellbeing, and strategy among others. The outcome of the assessment will provide recommended options for actions, tools and solutions to improve the experience. PXme also aids in monitoring progress and achieving business goals after the improvements have been implemented, which is critical for competitive advantage and breakthrough success.

benefits to Executives, Marketing, CX Leaders and newbies

Why is the PXme important to Executive Leaders as well as Managers of Teams?

The key benefits of the PXme to senior leadership include:

– Establish clear understanding of current capabilities, gaps and requirement relative to objectives
– Identify where to focus Workforce Culture & Change Management efforts – translate measurement into outcomes
– Identify specific actions and solutions, based on real-life case studies, that address patient experience improvement, the development of patient-centred skills and empathy,
– leadership and frontline staff engagement, health and wellbeing, reward and recognition etc
– Independent evidence-base to indirectly support quality, safety and Standard 2 (Partnering with Patients) accreditation efforts
– Minimise wasted resources and time, whilst maximising efficiency, value-based care and budgetary return on investment (ROI)
– Support business cases and act as input into organisations’ Strategy and Performance Optimisation framework


The PXme begins with a self-assessment that comprises a series of detailed questions on various organizational elements that link directly to customer and patient experience. Some examples of elements measured in the assessment are Measurement and Complaints Management, Experience Infrastructure, Environment, Leadership, Culture, Training & Education, Staff Wellbeing & Mental Health, Vision and Strategy. The outcomes of the assessment are linked to a report that outlines specific actions, tools and solutions that the organization can implement to improve customer and patient experience. Once improvements have been embedded, the PXme can be repeated to track the organization’s progress on the customer and patient objectives and business goals.

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