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For leaders, managers, HR & boards working on growth & profitability initiatives whilst understanding that people fundamentally matter to an organization’s success.

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The Energesse Academy delivers several world class, pioneering programs for leaders, managers and teams.

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Our strategic consulting services help organisations solve complex workforce, customer and financial challenges to achieve transformational outcomes.


Our innovative tools and augmented intelligence products help customers achieve outcomes cheaper, faster, better & easier.

What Our Customers Say

From my perspective, the PMme Report is conservative but quite accurate at the point in time that it was conducted. With new information on the pandemic becoming available on almost a daily basis, I believe it is a tool that needs to be re-done periodically to re-assess what's been completed, who is responsible and whether certain aspects are still needed. We have been very pleased with the service provided by Energesse in relation to the PMme. The Tool was easy to access and complete and the Report is comprehensive, useful and was provided in a very timely way, an overall 10/10
CEO, Heathcote Health
We have had a long relationship with Avi, and the support and expertise provided through the recent work has provided invaluable support to our team for big picture, innovative thinking, with both the patient experience and the outcomes for the health system top of mind.
Dwayne Crombie
Managing Director, BUPA Australia
Dr Avi shares a transformational journey for senior leaders to transcend challenges and unlock the true potential of their greatest asset - their people. The book's methodology provides a clear roadmap to foster profound growth, both individually and collectively, by applying conscious leadership within an organization's strategy and workforce.
Deepak Chopra M.D.
Author of over 90 books including NY Times bestseller & Senior scientist with the Gallup Organization, described by Time Magazine as "one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century
PMme provides structured techniques so HR can be practiced with the same discipline as Finance.
Steve Rowe
GM, People, Culture, Safety and Sustainability

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