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The 7 Step Mind-Body Training to Prevent and Treat Stress Module 2 – Understand Your Stress

Dr Avi    :               Namaste and Welcome to Module 2 of the 7 Step Mind Body Training program to prevent and treat stress.

In this module, I am going to teach you how to better understand stress and what causes it from 3 levels – that is Mind, Body, and Soul or Spirit. I will give you an overview of how all the areas of your being come together to shape all the areas of your life.

I will then also take you through the Energesse Wellness Wheel which is an easy diagnostic tool that you can do yourself to measure how you are tracking in all areas of your life – right now. Are you interested in finding that out?? Great!

So let’s first explore what the real cause of your stress is. Why is this important, you may ask? Well, when you understand the real cause and where it is coming from, you’ll understand what makes it worse and more importantly you’ll also understand how to make it better or resolve it altogether.

Even better, you could even learn how to prevent significant bouts of stress in the future. The major problem is that most people don’t realise that this is the case and don’t take a holistic approach to their wellbeing.

Don’t understand how their energy system is involved, which is a system of your body which is treated by Eastern therapies, but not acknowledged by western medical solutions.

The solution is often incomplete and short term. But no worries, because in this program I will explain how to connect the dots between your mind, body and spirit and how all three elements are integrated via the energy paradigm and determine our overall wellbeing.

The other major problem that most stressed people have is that they don’t do anything about it, they don’t take action and all they do is complain. But once again, I can tell that you are not one of those people, because you are watching this video and you are taking action – so congrats! That’s a great first step.

Now most people think that stress is in the mind and to a large degree that is the case. However, our Mind Body Spirit are all intimately connected, and so when we are affected by stress, it is not only caused by an imbalance at all 3 areas, it also affects all the 3 areas.

How are all 3 areas interconnected? Well Albert Einstein explained the universe is made up of energy. Remember his formula e=mc2. Well, energy equals mass x speed of light squared, which meant that energy and matter are interchangeable.

In fact our bodies, which is mass or matter, is simply dense energy. Thousands of years of history from Eastern medicine has also mapped out the energy anatomy of our bodies.

These days, quantum physics is also proving this to be true, experiments have now measured that our bodies have an energy field, and that the energy field of the heart is 5,000 greater than the energy field of the brain. And so, if everything in the universe is energetic, we can therefore easily conclude that our Mind, Body and Soul are all also energy based.

Bearing that in mind, how do diagnose your stress and how does it currently affect all areas of your life?

Well the tool I’d like to share with you today is the Energesse Wellness Wheel. It’s a simple diagnostic tool for your overall wellbeing you can get from the Energesse website, which allows you to assess how stressed you really are, and how it may be affecting every area of your life.

In each area of your life, you can place a score between 1 and 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest score you can have.

Let’s first have a look at how stress may be affecting your Physical state.

Physical Energy score:
• Overall, how is the health of your body?
• How is your diet and nutritional state?
• Do you exercise regularly?
• Do you get sufficient rest and sleep?

Mental score:
• Do you get sufficient intellectual stimulation in your life?
• How is your emotional state?
• Do you current behaviours help you to cope with your daily challenges?
• Do you have opportunities to think creatively?
• Are you getting sufficient challenges to learn from in your life?

Social and Relationships score:
• Overall do you have strong connection with your family?
• Overall do you have strong relationships with your friends?
• Do you have romance in your life?
• Do you have strong connections with your community?

Environmental score:
• How is your home space?
• Do you have regular contact with nature?
• Do you have appropriate spaces or places for recreational activities?

Career score:
• Do you have a sense of fulfilment in your career?
• Do you have a sense of balance in your current career choice?
• Is your career aligned with your unique values and strengths?

Wealth score:
• Do you have a sense of financial abundance?
• Do you feel secure with your financial state of affairs?
• Do you have a clear plan for your financials?

Spiritual score:
• Do you have a sense of inner peace and happiness?
• Are you living in alignment with your personal values and beliefs?
• Are you living in alignment with a higher purpose?

Once you have done this exercise, take another look at your wheel. Is your life balanced?
Which areas are you happy with? Are there areas where your life could be improved?

Scores below 4 mean you are suffering.  Scores between 4- 7 mean you are challenged and scores over 8 mean you are excelling.
The Energesse Wellness Wheel ge holistically how your life is at any point in time. It is a snap shot and as such you can use it daily, weekly or monthly to monitor your own life progress and how it is related to your energy and focus.

What if too many low scores, don’t worry. Once one area of your life changes, you will find that other areas will pick up themselves, just watch and see.

I will provide you with techniques in upcoming modules which will help with your stress and how it is affecting the different areas of your life.

You can ask me questions or place your comments by contacting me on my contact form, blog or via our Facebook page.

Your prescription for today is to complete the Wellness Wheel, and really understand which part of your life the stress is coming from. Then ask yourself, how is stress affecting your MBS in the different areas of your life?

The next few modules will show you some fantastic techniques to help in these areas.

Finally, if you found this module useful, please share it with someone you know who will find it beneficial. It can be more fun to deal with something like stress with a friend or family member. That’s it from me, I’m Dr Avi, love your success, health and happiness.


About the Author: Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan

Dr Avi is a medical doctor with broad healthcare sector experience including hospitals, biotech, pharmaceuticals and the wellness industry. He is a leading expert who coaches and consults to senior executives, entrepreneurs, practitioners, organisations and governments.